Why should you visit the Meuse? Here are 11 reasons to go

found About an hour from Paris and Strasbourg by TGV (at affordable prices), the Meuse is an accessible destination for holidays away from the crowds. From the deep forests of the Argonne to the Côtes de Meuse, lined with vineyards and orchards… the eponymous river passes through the gentle valleys of the Ornain or Saulx, Meuse surprises with its landscapes as well as its atmospheres.. From Verdun to the Lorraine Regional Nature Park, discover the main activities you can do to visit and enjoy your stay in the Meuse!

Discover the Renaissance architecture of Bar-le-Duc

city ​​of art and historyThe Bar-le-Duc is one of the must-visit places in the Meuse. With rich history from this date Renaissancethis city is real architectural treasure. Therefore, in Bar-le-Duc, we recommend that you take time to wander around the historic center and admire the magnificent scenery. mansions. During your visit you can see the flamboyant Gothic church of Saint-Étienne and also clock tower or the belvedere on the rue des Grangettes.

Visit the Renaissance district of Bar-le-Duc, the capital of the Meuse department
Bar-le-Duc (Renaissance district), capital of the Meuse region © Meuse Attractif / Guillaume Ramon

If you are traveling in July, Renaissance Festival is held every year. On the first weekend of July, the city comes alive with the rhythm of numerous street theaters, circuses and musical performances!

Follow in the footsteps of history in Verdun

If Verdun is the best known war of 1916The city is also a rich heritage and a long history. You can of course learn more about the First World War by visiting the Peace Capital. underground castle or Verdun battlefield. We also recommend taking advantage of your stay in Verdun to explore. the city’s architectural heritage and pleasant atmosphere.

Verdun city to visit Meuse
The beautiful town of Verdun © philippe paternolli

Taste local specialties with a visit to the Braquier dragee factory. take a walk London Dock And in town center according to your requests. Do not forget to visit the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Verdun or the Episcopal Palace, where the houses are located. World Peace Center. Note that Verdun also hosts various artistic festivals, such as the Grand Festival with street performances or the Musiques et Terrasses festival.

Attend a sound and light show in the Great War

In Verdun you can join every year Europe’s biggest sound and light show in the Great War Fridays and Saturdays from the end of June to the end of July. Show “From Flames…to the Light” indeed very accurately describes the Battle of Verdun in 1916. 250 volunteersIf you choose to visit the Meuse in the summer, expect to see a unique sight!

Relax in the Lorraine Regional Nature Park

Lorraine regional natural park It is a must-have for all nature lovers visiting the Meuse. With him lake of madinawonderful forests and Lachaussée ponds nature reserve, this park is a unique protected natural area characterized by limestone grasses, wooded valleys, salt ponds, wet meadows, ponds and streams. During your visit, we especially recommend you to spend time by the Madine lake.

Lake Madine to visit in Meuse
Lake Madine © PhotoGranary

You can practice golf, mountain biking, canoeing, tennis or sailing, among others. many sports activities. You can also travel around the lake, relax on the beach orobserve many bird species !

Visit Saint-Mihiel

Located at the gates of the Côtes de Meuse, Saint-Mihiel is a small town that knows how to seduce history and architecture buffs. cradle Liger Richiergreatest Lorraine artist Renaissance His extraordinary works arouse admiration in the Louvre and the Meuse. Small City with Character It has preserved magnificent buildings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We recommend you to learn church of Saint-EtienneSaint-Michel church, sacred arts museum and Benedictine library.

The exhibition “Saint-Mihiel 1914-1918: liberation from occupation”, cleverly housed in the old courthouse, is worth seeing, reminding the soldiers and residents of Saint-Mihiel during the First World War.

Admire contemporary art on the “Vent des Forêts” trails

Vent des Forêts, located between Verdun and Saint-Mihiel, open air contemporary art space. On 5,000 hectares of forest, this project lets you roam 45 kilometers of well-maintained track and admire contemporary works of art by many international artists. A face artwork Show yourself off to visitors on foot or by bike!

Taste the local gastronomy

Visiting the Meuse will also allow you to taste the rich local gastronomy. between with madeleine of Commerce PlumMany specialties are waiting for you at Meuse for a taste journey. The famous madlen is indeed from the Chamber of Commerce, where it was created in 1755 at the palace of the Duke of Lorraine and King of Poland Stanislas.

Visit the Meuse and taste its madeleines
Taste the famous madlens © M.studio

Also, don’t miss a taste Verdun candied almonds, truffles even currant jam with goose feathers Bar-le-Duc. As for drinks, your tastings can be accompanied by Côtes de Meuse (IGP) wines and many other wines. Beer from the Meuse. Beer lovers don’t forget to stop by Beer museum in Stenay during your trip.

Explore Montmédy castle

We recommend it among the places to see in Meuse. Montmedy castle. Perched on a hillThe imposing castle dates from 1545. It was later remodeled at 17.to by century vauban. Today it houses the fortification museum and the museum of painter Jules Bastien-Lepage. This 19th-century portraitist and naturalist is exhibited in the world’s most important museums, but Montmédy is where you can discover the largest number of his works in one place.

A must during your visit, also take time to tour the way of the walls to enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings.

Montmedy castle
Montmédy castle © didier salou

Relive the story of Joan of Arc at Vaucouleurs

History buffs, a visit to the Meuse will immerse you in the time and life of Joan of Arc. First of all, we recommend Get Domrémy’s direction, the birthplace of Joan of Arc, where you can visit her birthplace, and the new museum space dedicated to her. See you later at vaucouleurs in the Meuse, where he left for his legendary journey.

Therefore, we recommend that you explore vaucouleurs museum has been dedicated to images of Joan of Arc throughout history. Also, don’t miss castle chapel where is the original cellar and 16 statuesto century Notre-Dame des Voûtes and stained glass windows tracing the history of the Saint.

The old french gate in Vaucouleurs
The old French door in Vaucouleurs © mat

Discover the traditions in the Old Craftsman village of Azannes

accessible to everyone Sundays in May and a few days in summer, Old Craftsman Village It is a unique visit to the Meuse. Located between Verdun and Damvillers, this village is a living reconstruction of the past and present life. 80 traditional trades. Discover thanks to 400 costumed volunteers traditions ancestral and authentic work of washerwomen, lacemakers, blacksmiths, sawmills, bakers and others.

A scene from the Village des Vieux Metiers in Azannes
A scene from the Village des Vieux Metiers in Azannes © Meuse Attractif

Cycling the Meuse River

Another idea of ​​activity to do in Meuse, EuroVelo 19 route lets you pass the department 180 kilometers. With many services offered to cyclists, follow this route It is an original and ideal way to explore the main attractions of the Meuse at your own pace. If you want to visit the region without taking your time, do not hesitate to create a special itinerary for yourself. And the sportiest can follow someone thematic loops Designed by Meuse Attractiveness for road cycling or even to challenge yourself by signing up. Meuse Tour !

Meuse by bike (scene at Commercy)
The Meuse by bike (stage at Commercy) © Meuse Attractive / Pierre Defontaine Artge

You will feel good in Meuse

From the Côtes de Meuse to the Argonne Many attractions still to visit in the Meuse. Whether you love nature, history, gastronomy or authentic traditions, you’ve found that you’ll feel good on your next Meuse vacation!

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