Why go to Maldives? Postcard becomes reality!

Why go to Maldives? White sand, coconut trees, turquoise lagoon… the ideal place to relax in an enchanting environment!

This country of several thousand islands clustered in 22 atolls scattered in the heart of the Indian Ocean – in southern India and Sri Lanka – attracts millions of tourists every year looking for idyllic holidays. Why go to Maldives? Making a dream come true thanks to the many luxury hotel complexes that have emerged since its opening to tourism in the 1970s.

Why go to Maldives? For thousands of islands!

The peculiarity of this destination lies in its geography. In an area of ​​approximately 100,000 square meters, only 0.3% of the land comes out of the ocean. Land areas are combined into atolls. These necklaces of islands and islets even simple boulders or sand piles carved out of a natural basin forming the lagoon and protected by a coral reef.

atolls maldives
Atolls in the Maldives ©Ibrahim Asad

Dream stay in Maldives

There really isn’t a place to “visit”, no. On the contrary, the person stays and main activities take place on beaches or at sea : As part of the activities organized by the “resorts”, loafing, snorkeling (diving with a mask and a tuba), these villages-hotels, which cover the entire island and are compulsory, are prohibited, wild tourism or homestay accommodation.

sea ​​shells
Farniente in Maldives ©Ibrahim Asad

Explore the Maldives by boat

Another formula for staying on these paradise islands is a cruise. This option lets you explore many atolls and appreciate the differences. In addition, cruise ships offer vacationers numerous stops at sea to scuba dive and discover colorful fish bathing in turquoise waters. A good reason that should answer your question: why are we going to the Maldives, right?

kayak maldives
Canoeing in Maldives ©Ibrahim Asad

Shopping and dining at resorts

The main advantage of resorts is that they offer many easily accessible services. For this reason, The resorts of the larger islands often offer several restaurants that allow you to explore the local cuisine.consists mainly of fish.
In the capital city of Malé, visitors can also sample more unusual local products such as hedhikaa, small dumplings stuffed with tuna, or fish with ginger, paprika, onions, lemongrass and walnuts and coconut.

cheap accommodation in maldives

Maldives is a paradise destination provided you go in the sunniest season from December to April. The other side of the coin is the high season when prices are highest, especially if you book at the last minute! You still need accommodation go through a travel agency to book an all-inclusive stay (flight, hotel room, activities, catering, etc.) You can still find cheap rooms by booking well in advance of your stay.

hotel maldives
Hotel in Maldives ©Asad Photo

practical information

For a successful stay, OK Voyage allows you to benefit from its practical knowledge and good plans.

  • Tourism Office : Visit Maldives is the official website.maldives tourist office
  • Passport and Visa : A valid passport is mandatory to enter the territory of the Maldives. You will also be given a free 30-day visa upon arrival at Maldives’ capital, Malé airport. An airport tax will also be required at departure, but this may be included in the price of airfares.
  • jet lag : Maldives is in the GMT+5 time zone, so you need to add 4 hours in winter and 3 hours in summer compared to France. However, due to the vast territory of Maldives, some atolls are in a different time zone.
  • Money and change : Maldives’ currency is Maldivian rupee (Mrf).


  • Getting to Maldives : Western tourists all arrive at Malé International Airport, located on the artificial island of Hulhule, built not far from the capital of Maldives. To reach the capital island, you must take a water taxi or direct seaplane to a further island resort.
  • Getting Around the Maldives : You should buy seaplanes or dhonis, boats connecting the islands.

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