Where to go for a great vacation?

Laos or Vietnam? These are the main destinations for those who like to travel out of the ordinary. If you’re having a hard time deciding because of the must-see attractions, check out this helpful article. Discover other decisive criteria for the progress of your stay.

Laos VS Vietnam: comparison criteria

Nothing beats being able to congratulate you on your choice between Laos and Vietnam a list of criteria determining the preferred destination: climate, cost of living, travel budget, different activities available and tourist attractions.

Do not forget that Laos is a country in South Asia that fascinates nature lovers. the beauty of its mountains and landscapes containing breathtaking places. Fans of cultural discoveries will also be seduced by the large number of temples, palaces and other magnificent monuments that characterize this country.

Luang Prabang Laos
Luang Prabang, Laos © World Travel

As for Vietnam, it is aptly referred to as the Pearl of Southeast Asia because it rarely leaves travelers indifferent. Adds to magical and breathtaking landscapes magnificent monuments Those who trace the history of this country. Imperial cities, colonial towns, and other cultural points of interest compete in splendor to the delight of history buffs.

Which country should be chosen according to climate and weather conditions?

The most climatically hospitable destination is the one whose climatic conditions make it possible to benefit from the greatest number of bright and pleasant days.

The most beautiful weather: Laos

The climatic conditions of these two countries are almost the same because both countries are located in a geographical region subject to monsoon climate. Both have quiet periods from October to March when rain is rare. However We can count on the milder climatic conditions in Laos, with the days often sparkling and pleasantly warm.At the same time, rain continues to irrigate some areas of Vietnam regularly. It should be noted that in these two countries, the winters are quite cool in the mountainous regions with a drier atmosphere.

Which country should be preferred according to flight ticket prices?

The price of the cheapest airline tickets during low and high tourist seasons serves as a benchmark for finding the preferred destination.

Cheapest average round trip price: Vietnam

from france, Flight to Vietnam is cheaper compared to Laos. As a matter of fact, the difference between the round-trip flight ticket prices between these two destinations saves one hundred euros. And even if some travel agencies offer discounts on airfare to Laos, Vietnam will always remain interesting for those with a limited travel budget.

Imperial Castle, Hue
Imperial Fortress, Hue, Vietnam © Dennis Jarvis

The destination you choose according to your budget

Considering the living costs during your stay, it is possible to determine which country is the most accessible with a reasonable travel budget.

Country with the cheapest local budget: Vietnam

Staying in Vietnam requires less budget than staying in Laos. Whether you’re a small-budget backpacker, a mid-budget traveler, or have no financial problems, the difference will continue to be significant. Although the cost of accommodation in Laos is relatively the same as in Vietnam, price difference can quickly hit the budgetfor the purchase of souvenirs and other expenditure items such as meals, transportation and events.

Quality of life: health, safety, pollution

Which destination should be preferred for welfare: Laos or Vietnam? To get the answer, just look at the safety and health issues.

It’s nice to live in Laos

Although the healthcare system in Vietnam is better than Laos, Life is good in Kingdom of a Million Elephants. Indeed, streets in Lao cities are safer than those in neighboring Vietnam. Likewise when it comes to air quality, although these two countries are not the best places in the world to escape pollution, The air is relatively less polluted in LaosCompared to what Vietnamese city dwellers breathe.

Vientiane, Laos
Vientiane, Laos © Mary Newcombe

Which country to choose according to travelers’ opinions: Laos or Vietnam?

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, you can also rely on the opinions of travelers who have had a successful stay in Vietnam or Laos.

Travellers’ favorite destinations: Laos and Vietnam

Travelers’ opinions are divided when it comes to choosing between Laos and Vietnam. Those who like to make cultural discoveries, relax on the beach, get away from the tourist crowds and stay cheaper prefer Vietnam. But, Laos is the place not to be missed if you want to change the scenery and escape to the magnificent nature. Those who are passionate about temples and places of a religious nature will be seduced by the Laotian, a pleasant and deeply religious people who are very attached to their traditions.

Which destination to choose based on entry methods: Laos or Vietnam?

Which of Vietnam and Laos is the most accessible? If you don’t like particularly difficult procedures, you can choose your destination according to the entry formality.

Most accessible destination in terms of entry procedure: Vietnam

Since July 2018, French citizens are visa-exempt for stays of less than 15 days in Vietnam.. However, after 15 days, a visa is required for entry and free movement into the country. Note that France is one of 40 countries where online visa application is possible.

In Laos, on the other hand, French must have a visa to go and the validity of the passport must be at least 6 months longer than the date of departure from Laos.

Ho Chi Minh-Ville, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam © Mary Newcombe

Which destination should be chosen according to places to visit?

The success of an accommodation depends on the variety of activities to be done as well as the quality of the accommodation. So, which destination is more attractive in terms of cultural exploration, Laos or Vietnam?

Country with the most UNESCO lists: Vietnam

Vietnam has eight cultural and natural sites listed as UNESCO heritage sites.. You will find 5 cultural sites such as the Ho Dynasty Fortress, the Huê Group of Monuments, the Mi-sön Shrine, the Central Sector of the Imperial City of Thang Long in Hanoi, and the Old Town of Hoi An. also discover 2 natural sites will not be shown: Ha-Long Bay and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Added to this is the mixed site: the landscape complex of Trang An.

Lesser known than its neighbor Laos, here are 3 places not to be missedListed as World Heritage by UNESCO, namely: That Luang Buddhist monument in Vientiane, the city of Luang Prabang and the Vat Phou area near Pakse.

Most cultural destination: Laos and Vietnam

With its many cultural sites, some of which are on the UNESCO heritage list, Vietnam attracts those who love cultural exploration. The country promises an unforgettable experience, both authentic and refreshing.

Laos should not be forgotten because it is also difficult to remain indifferent to the splendor of the temples and other cultural attractions in this destination. In the effect, In Laos, one can admire the symbolic temples of Vat Phou and the Buddhist monument of That Luang, as well as the cube plains.attracts attention with the presence of impressive ancient stone areas.

Or Temple, Luang Prabang
Or Temple, Luang Prabang, Laos © Neil Dalphin

Most festive destination: Laos

Celebrations and festivals of a religious nature are common in Southeast Asia, but Laotians stand out from their Vietnamese neighbors when it comes to colorful celebrations. Among the unmissable festivities These include the Elephant Festival in Sayabouri, the Vat Phou Festival, Pi Mai (Buddhist and Lao New Year Festival), Bun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival or Bun Pha That Luang.

So which is your choice: Laos or Vietnam?

Now that you have more answers, all you have to do is choose which of Vietnam or Laos will be your next travel destination. In the heart of unspoiled nature, Vietnam is the indispensable address for those who love cultural exploration and renewal… Laos is an irresistible country with its magnificent landscapes, cultures and festivities such as Chinese New Year celebrations or harvest. festival or Makha Busa (Preaching of Buddhas).

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