What to see in Monastir? 8 must-haves!

Monastir is a young and attractive city that oscillates between tradition and modernity, translating all the richness of Tunisia.

monastery city, A peninsula southeast of the Bay of Hammamet in the middle east of Tunisia. Over time it has become a popular destination for Europeans. Indeed, there is much to see in Monastir. Here’s some!

Explore the city of Monastir

Monastir was one of the first colonies established in Ifriqiya. medieval north africa. Equipped with a port, this region is still an important point for trade today. However, it remains what made coastal tourism its reputation thanks to its magnificent beaches. The resort of Skanès is world famous in this region. The monastery is a young and dynamic city as there are several universities in the city. Walk along the beach then Enter the medina with its cobblestone streets : in the early morning the old town turns into a big market. This is one of those moments where you can get the warmth of this beautiful Mediterranean city.

medina monastery
Monastery Medina ©Hamed Gamaoun / Wikipedia Commons

Like many tourists, you’ll need to deploy craft treasures to avoid being swept away by the various temptations the carpet traders have to offer. In the effect, carpets are part of the knowledge of the regionand it will not be uncommon to find some at the various stalls of the bazaar. Monastir, the king of cloth in the region,traditional costume museum. You can also visit dedicated to Islamic art.

Admire the Ribat Fortress

This imposing Tunisian fortress, built in 796, The oldest and most important ribat in the Maghreb. It is also the most imposing monument in the Monastery. The castle can be easily visited with or without a guide. you can also Explore the museum inside. It houses many relics, such as carved wooden pieces from the Kairouan Grand Mosque. The castle is the most touristic and important monument to see in Monastir: you can’t miss it!

monastic riba
Ribat ©Helasoyeh / Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

See the Bourguiba Mausoleum

If you are an ardent lover of beautiful architecture, you will admire this magnificent mausoleum. It is impressive inside as well as outside. You will come from a wide and wide asphalt road lined with palm trees.. Finally, the Bourguiba mausoleum and its two great columns await you. Keep your eyes peeled and marvel at the marbles, statues and mosaics that make this a magnificent place. Entrance is free. You can visit and think inside its many vaults, chandeliers and all other architectural feats. However, remember that it is first and foremost a shrine and therefore a place where silence is essential and spirituality reigns. In the effect, the mausoleum houses the tomb of President Bourguiba He died on April 6, 2000.

bourguiba mausoleum
Bourguiba Mausoleum ©Albert Dezetter / Pixabay

Sail to the Kuriat Islands

On the east coast of Monastir you will see the Kuriat Islands (find it on a map). A true place of biodiversity, this archipelago is crucial to some endangered species.. For example, these islands are the main nesting place. loggerhead turtle. But it is also an important haunt for migratory seagulls. As you can see, if you love nature, sailing to the Kuriat Islands will be a must during your stay in Monastir. Various boat trips are organized From Monastir every day, just summer. Some even offer onboard catering.

Kuriat Island ©matribuenvadrouille.com

Explore the El Djem Colosseum

Although not in the monastery about 1 hour driveThe Coliseum El Djem (also known as the amphitheater) is something to see during your stay. indeed a building Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Colosseum was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. You can visit it today and discover its many secrets. elliptical, The Colosseum is made entirely of cut stone.. You can also enjoy a show or other activities inside to explore this huge building. Also take your time visit the underground galleries It is located under the amphitheater where gladiators and monsters enter the arena.

colosseum el djem
Le Colisée El Djem ©Pixi0815 / Pixabay

Take a walk in the marina of Monastir

The marina is a great place to see in Monastir. you will find several cafes and restaurants as well as many hotels with sea view for your stay. Go to the harbor and admire the magnificent boats, some of which you can board. In the effect, several pirate ships sailed with many tourists on board. You can eat on board and with some luck, you will even see some dolphins. A sea trip that will delight adults as well as little ones.

Marina Monastery
Monastir Navy ©Vivaystn / Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Taste local drinks

To visit a city is not only to visit the most beautiful monuments, but also to know the flavors of that city. In Monastir you will have a few small local drinks to taste. especially, juices squeezed before your eyesA delicious blend of vitamins. You can also taste famous mint teaThis hot beverage was appreciated throughout the Maghreb. Consider drinking coffee too, and you’ll find it’s very different from Western coffee. An establishment still known for its service and beauty in Monastir, this is Café Bir Al Andalous (To see on facebook page). Feel free to take a short break there!

see in the monastery
Tunisian mint tea ©Daniel Wanke / Pixabay

Explore the Habib Bourguiba Museum

The Bourguiba Museum, built in the presidential palace of Skanès, a Tunisian museum entirely dedicated to one man, Habib Bourguiba. He served as President between 1957-1987. father of Tunisia’s independence, his remains now lie in the mausoleum that bears his name. The museum hosts all personal and professional matters important to him. It opened on April 6, 2013, 13 years after the President’s death. You can see his photo albums, speeches, archives, charters and even his car. A very culturally enriching visit to see in Monastir.

bourguiba monastery museum
Bourguiba Museum ©Habib M’henni / Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Having fun in Spring Land

If you want to have some fun during your stay in Monastir, you can go to the Spring Land amusement park (page Facebook). you will find all types of rides for young and old roller coasters, bumper cars, free falls, etc. The amusement park is ideally located in the center of Monastir. You will also find something to eat there. In the effect, The park has several tea rooms, a pizzeria, a restaurant and several snack bars.

Springland monastery
Springland ©springland.com

Useful information

  • To get from France to Monastir, there are two solutions for you, plane and boat. Airplane is much simpler, faster and more economical. Several French airports offer these flights every day. think later organize your transfer between the airport and your hotel in advance.
  • There Time difference with France and Tunisia when we are 1 hour in winter and summer.
  • Currency used Tunisian dinar (TND), know that 1 € = approximately 3.38 TND.

Fundamentals of Monastir… and beyond

Monastir is an important city to see in Tunisia. After visiting Monastir you can ask: go to other Tunisian cities. And you’re right because they’re all interesting. For example, consider Tunisia, Hammamet or the island of Djerba specifically.

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