What to see and do in Lorraine Regional Nature Park

Lorraine regional nature park, consisting of three parts one of the few names in the region. Nature walks, relaxation on the shores of Lake Madine, visits to small villages or historic sites from the First World War, many activity options They present themselves to their visitors in magnificent landscapes. To prepare for your visit, we offer a host of ideas to see and do in the Lorraine Regional Nature Park!

Lorraine Regional Nature Park in a nutshell

Established in 1974, the Lorraine regional natural park covers an area of ​​approximately 210,000 hectares. three parts. The park is actually located between mouse, Meurthe and Moselle And Mosel. Another feature of this protected natural area is that it is structured in two very different parts separated by the Metz-Nancy axis. west of the parkyou can find the largest part in the Meuse and in Meurthe-et-Moselle, bordered by the cities of Metz, Toul and Jarny.

Lachaussée pond in Lorraine Regional Nature Park
Lachaussée pond in Lorraine Regional Nature Park © Meuse Attractif / Artipair

In the eastern part of the park, You are on the Moselle, between the towns of Sarrebourg and Château-Salins. Wherever you are for your next stay in Lorraine, there is a park at all four corners. beautiful natureA preserved fauna and many cultural, historical and environmental riches. Finally, keep in mind that Lorraine Regional Natural Park contains 182 municipalities and approximately 78,000 residents.

Unmissable visits and activities at Lorraine Regional Nature Park

Whether you visit the western or eastern part of the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, you can tailor a program with lots of activities and exploration. We present to inspire you Some ideas in each of the sections where the park is located!

Let’s start with the western part of the park. Side of the Meuse section

Relax on Lake Madine

With him turquoise water and her sublime natural landscapesLake Madine is one of the must-see places during a visit to Lorraine Regional Natural Park. Medina Lake It has an area of ​​1,100 hectares and offers a magnificent playground for different applications. sport activities. Cess toiletries it also delights young and old alike.

Aquaparc du Lac de Madine in the Meuse in the Lorraine regional natural park
Madine Lake Aquapark © Artipair / Meuse Charm

Take advantage of the boats, sun loungers, beach bar with your family or friends and relax in an amazing setting. Also know that you can walk or bike around the lake You will find several hiking trails in the surrounding area to explore the Meuse.

Watch the birds at the Lachaussée pond

au The heart of the plains of WoëvreLachaussée pond has an excellent geographical position.bird watching and therefore represents one of the best places to practice this activity in the park. The pond is located at the junction of the RAMSAR labeled wetland network. Lachaussée pond, with its reeds, bushes and wet meadows, is home to many bird species.

Observe the Eurasian Coot
Observing Eurasian Coot © Sbastien

I know fly observatories It is placed around the pond to allow visitors to search for the birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them. Lorraine Regional Nature Park, a little paradise for birdsso you will find other areas suitable for bird watching. this magnificent preserved area.

Marvel at the sights of the Côtes de Meuse

in the Lorraine regional natural park, Meuse shores part of extraordinary landscapes and the area is not to be missed. Between Plum meat vines, you can truly admire the natural panoramas that will seem endless to you. Don’t forget to taste the Côtes de Meuse wines during your visit. Also remember that you can listen. Concerts at the Hattonchâtel castle, As part of the “Music with Mirabelle Plums” festival.

Hattonchâtel in Lorraine regional natural park
Hattonchâtel © Jfd54 / Wikimedia Commons

Follow in the footsteps of the Great War on the Saint-Mihiel ledge

By visiting the Meuse, you are in an area that was strategic during the First World War and was the scene of fierce fighting. Today we recommend you to visit Saillant de Saint-Mihiel. Immerse yourself in history by exploring the French and German trenches. You can choose between the Tranchée de la Soif, the Bois brûlé and the Croix des Redoutes or the Tranchée des Bavarois in the Bois d’Ailly, three spaces designed to make for an unforgettable experience.

Saint-Mihiel trenches
Saint-Mihiel trenches © BRUNNER Emmanuel / Wikimedia Commons

See the Montsec Butte American Memorial

Another not to be missed place on the Meuse for history buffs is the American Monument at Butte de Montsec, Symbol of America’s participation in the First World War. Its circular shape is very aesthetic, while the direction chart in the middle allows you to find the events of the First World War.

butte de Montsec monument
Montsec mound monument © Philippe request

Visit Pont-a-Mousson

Pont-à-Mousson, located in the western part of the park, on the side of Meurthe-et-Moselle and at the foot of the Mousson hill, is a small town worth seeing. Built on both sides of the MoselleThe city offers a really pleasant environment. There is room rich architectural heritage, Including the Pont-à-Mousson Premonstratensian monastery.

Premonstratensian Monastery in Pont-à-Mousson
Premonstratens Abbey in Pont-à-Mousson © Philippe

Hike in the Lorraine Regional Natural Park

Passionate about hiking, you’ll love your experience at Lorraine Regional Nature Park. This park includes More than 500 kilometers of well-maintained trail network. From simple walks down the GR5 Grande Randonnée path, all levels. Whether you’re in Meurthe-et-Moselle or the Meuse, tailor your walking route to your liking. many files to download.

Hike in the Lorraine Regional Natural Park
Hiking in Lorraine Regional Nature Park © JAG IMAGES

observe the stars

On a clear day, the skies in Lorraine Regional Nature Park are gorgeous and the place is conducive to stargazing. Wherever you are in the park, feel free to settle in for a quiet place in the evening to enjoy a magical sky. Remember, every year, group activities and observations Presented on starry nights.

Stargazing at Lorraine Regional Nature Park
observing the stars © vchalup

Explore the salt marshes of Marsal

powered by vaubanThe village of Marsal is also salt ponds. If you visit this beautiful village From the eastern part of the park (hence the Moselle), we recommend going on the heritage and salt ponds exploration trail. For 3 kilometers you can crisscross while exploring the village’s architectural heritage and famous salt ponds with a rich flora.

Wander the medieval streets of Fénétrange

However, Fénétrange, located in the eastern part of the park, is one of the small villages on the Moselle not to be missed. Between the castle, the half-timbered houses, the hospice or the Saint-Rémi college church, you will feel immersed in history. the small streets of this medieval village. We recommend that you take the time to visit Fénétrange so as not to miss the architectural details.

village of Fénétrange
village of Fénétrange | © Petair

Choose a guided tour in the Lorraine Regional Natural Park

You can choose one of the options below to visit the Lorraine Regional Natural Park with your companion. many guided tours offered. On the Moselle, on the Meuse or Meurthe-et-Moselle, these visits It will make you approach differently to discovering nature and small villages. with your guideyou will observe fauna and flora and learn more about the highlights of the park!

Fabrice, nature guide to the Lorraine Regional Nature Park © Meuse Attractive / Fabrice André
Fabrice, nature guide to the Lorraine Regional Nature Park © Meuse Attractive / Fabrice André

Lorraine Regional Nature Park… and beyond?

Hikes in unspoilt nature, outdoor activities or cultural visits among magnificent landscapesLorraine Regional Nature Park offers you many options to create a bespoke program. for your next vacation. After exploring this magnificent natural area, we recommend you continue your journey to discover, for example, Verdun or, according to your desires, the most beautiful places in the Meuse!

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