What to do in Jamaica? 6 things to see and not miss

Jamaica remains unmistakably linked to Bob Marley. But the Caribbean island has other values ​​to seduce as well: Here are 6 things to see or do!

Jamaica, an increasingly fashionable destination

With our immediate embarkation options for the Caribbean 6 things to see or do and not to miss, especially during a trip to Jamaica.

1. The Bob Marley Museum, a must-see

Jamaica is inextricably linked with local star Bob Marley. Reggae fan travelers who have landed in the capital city of Kingston will rekindle the legend during a trip. visiting the star’s house, now turned into a museum to its splendor. The artist lived there and also set up a recording studio.

Visitors will discover bullet marks when targeted by a person. Assassination attempt in 1976. Press clippings, gold records and concert tickets trace the artistic career of Bob Marley. It should definitely be done!

Bob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Museum / © AFP PHOTO – MLADEN ANTONOV

2. Hiking in Cockpit Country

A paradise for hikers! Jamaica is not just an idyllic destination for those who love gorgeous beaches. Inland, to the west, an area of ​​approximately 1,300 square kilometers is home to extraordinary flora and fauna that only die-hard sports enthusiasts can explore if they don’t hesitate in their efforts with a guide. Access to the area is really difficultand some tourists are willing to pay for a helicopter tour to see this paradise from above.

However, the game is worth the candle, as the wildlife here is still intact. The region is still autonomous and is inhabited by descendants of slaves who revolted against British settlers in the 18th century. Less experienced hikers will have their eyes set on exploring the eastern part of the island. Blue Mountains. Sights to see and not to be missed!

Blue Mountains

3. Golf, diving or lounging: what to do in Montego Bay?

Because there are things to do, the program is loaded for athletes. Famous for the beauty of its beaches in Montego Bay in the northwest, the region will establish itself on the route. And on this occasion, travelers will enjoy the pleasure of golf because site offers some of the best greenery in the Caribbean.

On the sea side, divers will meet the marine fauna in Montego Bay, where they will swim with dolphins. Ochos Rios. Head to the Rio Grande for rafting. Apart from that, Jamaica is reserved for leisure and pleasure, with magnificent beaches scattered all over the coast. So what is your choice?

Montego Bay

4. Long Bay, Jamaica’s fashion corner

In the south, Long Bay is considered one of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches. If Montego Bay and then Negril are the favorite spots for those who love beautiful sea views, Long Bay would be the new “fortress” not to be missed. And those who hate playing towel against towel in the sand will know this: Long Bay offers about ten kilometers of beach.. Experience the “solitude” guaranteed to plan during your trip.

Cry for Long Bay
Plange de Long Bay / © AFP PHOTO – MLADEN ANTONOV

5. Negril, a popular tourist destination

Go to the west end. In this very touristic beach resort, The water is the clearest in Jamaica., travelers set out to meet the population and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Even if this place remains a job to be done, you should not be taken to the offer to put all kinds of products for sale…

wild shores of jamaica
Wild coasts of Jamaica / © AFP PHOTO – MLADEN ANTONOV

6. Kingston Craft Market, a must see

Return to the capital city of Jamaica to do some shopping and fill the suitcases with souvenirs. A market is set up under a steel structure dating from 1872. Traders come to sell typical trinkets, from wooden figurines to tortoiseshell jewellery, and pass statues with a bust of Bob Marly. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is a place worth seeing with its unique atmosphere.

Kingston Market
Kingston Market / © AFP PHOTO – MLADEN ANTONOV

A paradise island waiting to be discovered…

In addition to the 6 places to see or do we recommend here, the island is still full of secrets and surprises for those who are keen to explore. If you’ve never been there, maybe it’s time to plan a trip there, right? Then be sure to check the climate in Jamaica to know when to go…

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