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Planning a trip to India but not very familiar with the entry formalities? Wondering which visa is required for your project? Here are the answers!

For centuries, India has fascinated travelers seeking a change of scenery and adventure above all else. A multicultural country with a rich history, the country is a kaleidoscope of traditions the world relies on to develop unique tourism. The pursuit of spirituality, a taste for exoticism or business trips are as many and varied as the landscapes it offers.

However, although the country is often described as a place conducive to wonder and disorientation, it is still a very modern and dynamic country. For this reason, The formalities of entry to India have improved recently, especially in terms of obtaining a visa., essential for French travelers to visit the country. Here is a short guide for those who want to travel in India in complete administrative peace.

Different types of visas available for French citizens

e-tourist visa

This type of visa Valid for one year for a maximum stay of 90 days It starts as soon as you enter the country and region. It is accessible to French as well as Swiss, Belgians or Canadians and allows multiple entries into the country. It is recommended to apply online at least 10 days before departure: it can be done through the official website of the Indian government or its affiliates. Form to fill pretty boring task. This complex procedure, which leads to the refusal of boarding if the form is not filled in correctly, requires a certain amount of knowledge. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do. visa request through a specialized agency that will be responsible for generating the request. The applicant will theoretically receive approval from the authorities within 4 days following the acceptance of the file. He will then need to print the document to present to the authorities when entering the area.

Read e-commerce and e-medical visas

For business travelers or medical travelersIt may be necessary to apply for certain visas, such as an e-commerce visa or an e-medical visa. The terms of receipt are the same as for e-tourist, provided that the planned stay does not exceed 180 days for businessmen and 60 days for medical visas. Therefore, it is mandatory to enter the zone only from predefined airports and ports. To leave the country, it will be necessary to go through an immigration checkpoint located in all the above-mentioned places as well as in several places on the Nepal land border. You should also know that it is mandatory to have special permits to visit certain areas in the far North-East of the country, such as Sikkim.

Situations where an e-visa is not sufficient

Tourists wishing to travel for more than 90 days, medical visitors with a treatment duration of more than 60 days, or business travelers planning to stay at the facility for more than 180 days must apply for a physical visa to enter the area. Similarly, those who want to volunteer, want to study in India or are looking for a job in the country will also have to go through this longer and more expensive procedure. Certain professions, such as diplomats, journalists, and even researchers, also see visa and entry formalities as subject to certain features. Contact your embassy for more information.

Documents required to obtain an e-visa for India


For French citizens,Passport valid for six months from the date of return. Also note that it must have three blank pages in a row. If you are traveling with your children, give them an individual passport, regardless of their age. To obtain an online e-visa, you must provide the holder’s identity, date of birth, passport number, etc. Pages containing pages will need to be scanned in color and in high resolution. Do not hesitate to contact your embassy if you need additional information on creating a passport or if you lose your passport during your trip.

travel information

Also note that obtaining an e-visa is determined by these criteria: provide accurate information about your travel plans. Therefore, it will be very important to enter your arrival and departure dates, your first destination and places you plan to visit, as well as provide the identity of a person on the site (tour operator, hotel or personal contact). A photocopy of the professional card will also be required for business people, while medical travelers must submit a letter on the letterhead of the hospital where they will receive themselves at the hospital. If you are traveling to attend a conference, you will need to provide the organizer’s “political clearance”, showing that the event has been authorized by the authorities, along with the invitation letter.

ID photos

As with the passport, you will need to provide it separately. color and high resolution scan of your passport photo. The photo should be clear, wrinkle-free or streak-free, and ideally conform to normal passport photo standards. Presentation rules are strict. First of all, the photo must be new and similar to the photo in your passport. It can be square or rectangular, but not too contrasting or too obvious. Also, wearing a hat, scarf or headband in the photo is prohibited and the face must maintain a neutral expression. Finally, the posture should be straight, the gaze should be towards the target, and the mouth should be closed.

Up to you !

India is a mystical country that attracts travelers from all walks of life for many different purposes. However, with the modernization of the country, visa and entry formalities have improved. Whether you are an explorer, a beatnik or a researcher, take care to fill in the forms correctly, this is the first step you need to take to reach nirvana!

With this information in hand, all you need to do is to take care of these formalities so that you can travel to India with peace of mind.

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