The best solutions for traveling closer to nature

It is the common desire of many people to go out to meet with nature to change the weather or change your life. There are different ways to explore the world and approach nature by taking on bare necessities. If adventure tempts you, here are the different possibilities available to you.

The development of nomadic life

There are always people who spend their lives on the road and travel a lot. Today, This lifestyle takes on a new dimension with the advent of remote work and access to more possibilities.. It is possible to work on the go and to combine the two without breaking away from life. So many digital nomads have emerged, setting out to meet nature in trucks, vans, and even converted cars.

vanlife campfire
A campfire in nature ©Matt

Whether it’s for a trip, a vacation, or to completely change your life, There are various means of transportation or vehicles to live your adventure closer to nature. When you want to see landscapes, travel roads and even countries, you can find suitable solutions.

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Drop off in a converted van

Minibus or minibus It’s a very good compromise to go on an adventure. These tools do not require a special permit for roaming and allow you to have a small space to store all your stuff. You can even set up your pickup truck or van to build a real tiny house on wheels. In these small tools you can find very useful references and advice on how to create a functional and compact space.

Beds, warehouses, and even makeshift kitchens can be installed on these vehicles. This allows them all to be the same certain living comfort for travel. You can also easily travel the roads and paths later and find places where you can settle in for a few days and enjoy nature. Caravan is a trend very popular with digital nomadswho manages to live and work inside these little gems of jewellery.

RV or mobile home to settle anywhere

If you want to travel and live closer to nature without having to constantly move, you can: choose a mobile home. These small houses that are still portable are common at campgrounds. they bring too much comfort and allows discreet and functional accommodation in the middle of nature. They can be equipped almost like houses and even solar panel for mobile home to take advantage of green electricity. You can definitely choose to buy a mobile home and find a land to settle in to get the most out of the open space. For example, in France there are campsites or residential amusement parks to set up your mobile home outside of your own land.

Set up your caravan in the middle of nature
Set up your caravan in the middle of nature © Virginie

Caravanallows you to maintain more mobility, but still a real stay on wheels. With your vehicle, you can easily travel on the roads of France and Europe and enjoy the many views offered to you. Whether you’re working in your caravan or simply living in a caravan all year, you can enjoy more comfort. Many areas are available in France to find places to stop and travel more easily.

Hiking and camping to be in the heart of nature

Traveling by car, although it can be close to nature, imposes a certain restriction. If we really want make the most of the outdoors and wild roads the best option is still camping. You can take your tent, sleeping bag and necessary items with you and embark on an adventure. Traveling through unique landscapes is a unique experience. You can also combine this with your autonomous lifestyle, for example in a minibus.

Its advantage is complete freedom of movement and the possibility of settling almost anywhere. respect the rules and nature. You can then hike through several stages and set up your tent for the night. For a particular trip, it is an experience to be made both for the pleasure of effort, for exploring nature, and for the introspection it brings.

Camping to feel close to nature
Camping to feel close to nature © anatoliy_gleb

Best jobs for life on the go

Living differently during a trip or over the course of a year can require sacrifice. You can’t leave overnight without a penny in your pocket. Fortunately, it is now possible to combine the two. find more flexible jobs that fit your desire for freedom. THEM web jobs It is especially effective when working from home or traveling as long as you have an internet connection and a charged computer.

Therefore, professions such as web developer, community manager or web editor are practical to work wherever you are. Occupations in general freelance or independent It is more convenient as we are free to manage our daily lives in our own way.

benefits of travel

Travel is one of life’s experiences. It brings with it discoveries, self-confidence, encounters and a certain satisfaction. It is not always easy to make a decision, but taking a trip regularly, even for a few days, allows you to see different things and get closer to nature. When you are immersed in your daily life, you can sometimes forget the basics and if you are feeling a lack of freedom or space, there is nothing better than traveling.

Whether it’s for a trip, a weekend, a trip or a new life, you should never hesitate to travel and find ways to do it.

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