The 20 best sights to see and photograph in Martinique

Go to the tropics! White sand, coconut trees, relaxed atmosphere, Caribbean music, volcano, wild beaches, extraordinary seabed… there is everything to do an extraordinary trip to a dream island. While you wait to pack your bags, explore Martinique’s amazing landscapes with photos. Have a good journey !

France Castle

Typically Creole, Fort-de-France beautiful bustling city. Before stopping at the park “La Savane”, be sure to admire Fort-Saint-Louis, a protected historical monument and the old courthouse, as well as its colorful markets.

View of Fort Saint Louis in Fort-de-France, Martinique
Fort Saint Louis in Fort-de-France © Michael

Anse d’Arlet

This small town in the center of Martinique is Anse d’Arlet, traditional houses and beautiful church Beaches overlooking the sea, like idyllic beaches, follow each other!

Anses d'Arlet in the landscapes of Martinique
Anses d’Arlet © Christophe

St. Pierre

As exotic as you want it, Saint-Pierre rebuilt on the ruins of the ancient city It was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. city ​​of art and historyit also concentrates the most beautiful diving spots on the island.

Saint Pierre in Martinique
Peter © Simon Dannhauer

Reverend Mother

Direction south of Martinique Descend to Sainte-Anne, a seaside resort that offers some of the most beautiful views in Martinique. The village has a lot of charm with its handicraft market and old houses, even the most attracting visitors idyllic beaches.

Sainte-Anne in Martinique sights
Sainte-Anne © B. Piccoli

salt beach

TRUE postcard pictureThe Salines beach is absolutely magical. Wrap your towel in the golden sands in the shade of the recumbent coconut trees and dive into the transparent water!

Salines beach
Salines beach © chromoprisme

Balata’s garden

If you are a plant lover, a visit to Jardin de Balata is a must. Created by a gardener-landscaper, it combines multiple things 3,000 species distributed over a beautiful area.

Balata's garden in Martinique
Balata’s garden © Mariedofra


Also visible from the city of the same name, Diamond Rock seems to gush out of the sea. known for divingIt offers an incredible sea floor among coral reefs, volcanic rocks, colorful fish, stingrays and turtles.

diamond rock
Diamond Rock © mbruxelle

Straits of the Abyss

For a little break from the beach, the Gorges de la Falaise is ideal. They offer magical panoramas. impressive rock walls. Get a guide to explore them and let’s go adventure!

Gorges de la Falaise in Martinique landscapes
Cliff Strait © Scott T. Smith/Danita Delimont

Petrifying Savannah

What a surprise this petrifying Savannah! about one almost desert areahaving very little vegetation. The best way to enjoy it is to go for a walk. Don’t forget your swimsuit: trail ends Anse Trabaud’s beautiful beach !

Petrifying Savanna in Martinique
Petrification Savanna © chromoprisme

Mount Pelee

If you are a hiking lover, climb Pelee Mountain is a must! Several routes are possible to climb to the top, 1,395 meters above sea levelhowever, the shortest and easiest is the Aileron route, which starts from Morne-Rouge.

Mount Pelee in Martinique
Mount Pelee in Martinique © Chopard Photography

Cape Macre

Away from the usual tourist routes, Cap Macré has to be earned: you can explore this amazing place simply on foot and surrounded by extraordinary beaches. The colors of the water vary in different shades of blue, and raisins provide a beneficial hue.

Cap Macré in Martinique landscapes
Cap Macré © Marc

Vauclin cycle

If you want to see Different sights of Martinique In a single day, this walk will satisfy all your desires. Very accessible, loop 7 km long and will take you through the wild beaches, dry vegetation, mangroves and spectacular viewpoints of the Vauclin beaches.

Anse Trou Cochon in the Vauclin Cycle
Anse Trou Cochon on the Vauclin Cycle © jj

Josephine’s bathtub

With a Polynesian flair, Joséphine’s tub is a very photogenic strip of white backgrounds. you can take a bath sensational shades of blueall with a glass of local rum in hand.

Josephine Baths in Martinique
Josephine’s Bath © manta94

Caravelle peninsula

The hotel is located near the small fishing village of Tartane, this peninsula has it all : sheltered beaches, others where you can try surfing, and two hiking trails that cross mangroves, forests and meadows.

Caravelle peninsula in Martinique
Caravelle peninsula © Stan-972

islet of Sainte-Marie

The islet of Sainte-Marie is experiencing an incredible meteorological event: Coils. It is possible to reach the rock on foot between December and April, almost without getting wet!

islet of Sainte-Marie
islet of Sainte-Marie © chromoprisme

Couleuvre waterfall

The sights of Martinique are not just about the sea, the interior of the land contains many surprises, such as the Couleuvre waterfall. At the end of a beautiful walk in the tropical forest waterfall over 120 meters.

Couleuvre waterfall in Martinique
Couleuvre waterfall © Marc


This small town has two historical features : This is where Christopher Columbus set foot in 1502, and also where Paul Gauguin lived. A museum dedicated to him bears witness to this! After the visit, beautiful carbet beach or butterfly garden.

Carbet beach in Martinique landscapes
Carbet beach © JC DRAPIER

the end of the end

The famous seaside resort Pointe du Bout brings together the magnificent coast. l’Anse Mitana marina where you can take a walk at the end of the day and a lovely creole village. A very nice place to put your suitcases!

Aerial view of Pointe du Bout
Aerial view of Pointe du Bout © Stan-972

L’Anse Couleuvre

stud in the middle of the rainforestAnse Couleuvre offers one of the most beautiful views of Martinique, thanks to its unique landscape. black sand. The extraordinary seabed and wild atmosphere complete the picture!

Anse Couleuvre in Martinique landscapes
Anse Couleuvre © Dam’s

Slave Savanna

This open air museum a sensational botanical garden and presenting a life of the past on the side of both the cultivators and the slaves, it offers a true journey in time.

Slave Savanna in Martinique
Slave Savannah © PackShot

Are you ready to admire the magnificent views of Martinique?

if you dream of living a break from everyday lifeIt seems like a very good idea to visit Martinique! Read our complete guide to preparing for your journey and take a look at the essentials when you get there. Do you know any other nugget on this Caribbean island? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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