Summer getaway in Quebec: 12 activities to immerse yourself in

Between forests, lakes and rivers, Quebec’s nature is another reveal in the summer. Don’t wait any longer to get fresh air!

When we think of Quebec, the first frames that come to mind are its snowy landscapes and the frozen St. Lawrence River. However when the sun melts the snowAt the end of winter, Quebec nature reveals a completely different side, both green and wild. We offer a range of more or less sporty activities that will allow you to explore Quebec at its best during the summer months!

learn paddle board

Wondering what this event might consist of? It’s just The name given to rowing by the Quebecs! Paddleboarding offers a good way to enjoy Quebec in the summer because this Canadian province has many lakes and rivers. It allows you to discover the nature of Quebec. a soft and quiet means of transport.

Paddle boarding on the Montreal canal
Paddleboarding on the Montreal canal © Vito

Relax by the water

After your racket is stacked, why not take advantage of the evening? cool off near waterways ? Quebecs appreciate beach huts to get away from the noise of the city. Enjoy an evening and a night to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature. you can let yourself Calming with the sounds of the forestwhile sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Cottage by a lake in Quebec in summer
Chalet by the lake © Gilles Rivest

Hike to discover Quebec nature

When we talk about getaways in the middle of nature, hiking It’s usually one of the first things that comes to mind. That’s fine, Quebec has several thousand miles of hiking trails. good way for them explore the green mountains of the provinceat your own pace.

Hiking in Quebec in the summer
Family walk © vlad_g

Climb the rock walls

Climbing is a sport adapted to the exploration of Quebec in the summer. In contact with the stone, you can completely immerse yourself in the wilderness of the country. If you are a beginner, call an instructor who will introduce you to this app in complete confidence. Once you reach the top of the cliffs you will be climbing, take your timeadmire the view unfolding before your eyes.

Climbing the Canyon Sainte-Anne
Climbing the Canyon Sainte-Anne © Vadim

paddling the waterways

A good way to immerse yourself in Quebec’s lush nature and observe it from one of the rivers that flow through it is to take a canoe or canoe ride. Immerse yourself and just be amazed splendor of wild and protected areas Quebec surrounding you is full of great spots for canoeing!

Canoeing in Quebec
Canoeing in Quebec © Margalliver

Surfing… in Montreal!

You don’t need to reach the ocean to practice surfing in Quebec! The Enormous St. Lawrence River agitated by continuous wavesideal to start which sport. Here’s a great way to enjoy Quebec’s nature in the summer… without having to leave the city!

Surfing the Lawrence River
Surfing the Lawrence River © PitoFotos

meet Canadian animals

This Omega Park offers you the opportunity to meet animals living in Canadian forests, in their natural areas. You will travel on a route that will allow you to observe about twenty different species from your vehicle: caribou, deer, bears etc. Meeting these wild animals will definitely be an unforgettable memory of your vacation!

Parc Omega in Quebec in summer
deer in omega park © julen

Gain height through tree climbing

The Canadian forests are home to many tree climbing centers that are ideal for exploring Quebec during the summer months. You will have the opportunity to do it. different courses in trees. The bravest can be tempted steel rope descentOffering magnificent views of the surrounding lakes and forests.

Learn about tree climbing
Learn about tree climbing © david

Check out mountain biking trails

The mountain bike, which our Quebec friends call “mountain bike”, immerse yourself in the forests of the French-speaking province when doing a physical activity. There is trails for all levels and it can be a great activity to share with family.

Mountain biking in Quebec in summer
Mountain bike © Maridav

Sail among the whales

at the end of summer, whales St. floats at the mouth of the Lawrence River hundreds of. They come to feed on your waters It is very fish-filled before heading to warmer areas during the winter months. This is possibleWitness this magnificent spectacle by renting a zodiac or sea kayak.

st.  Watch for whales in the Lawrence River
Watch whales in the Lawrence River © PHOTOPOLITAIN

Speed ​​up rapids

As you can understand Water plays an important role in Quebec’s nature.. Thrill seekers will appreciate being able to take advantage of the strong currents of certain rivers. go rafting. You will need to maneuver your boat to avoid obstacles while crossing majestic landscapes.

Go down rivers by rafting
Rafting rivers © Pavel Cheiko

Ride a horse for an unforgettable journey

Offers horseback riding Travel the most beautiful roads in Quebec, without getting tired. Immerse yourself in your mount and marvel at the trees and wildlife that surround you. accompanied by a guideYou will learn a lot about the evolution of Quebec forests over the seasons.

horseback riding
Horse riding © Pictures news

Quebec nature has so much to show us!

And there is many ways to discover it. If you’re considering renting a car to explore the province, check out our guide to driving in Quebec. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of your stay to visit Montreal, which is definitely a city to explore!

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