Our picks for activities to do in Bordeaux when it rains

Looking for an activity for your trip to Bordeaux, which will be rainy? When it rains we help you tailor a program in Bordeaux!

From museums to theaters, through various plays or workshops, Bordeaux offers multiple options to protect you from the rain whatever your desires. Some inside visits, from the Cité du Vin to the Musée d’Aquitaine, unmissable discoveries during his stay in Bordeaux. To help you organize your days, we’ve put together a set of ideas for activities to do in Bordeaux when it rains!

Explore the Wine City

Not to be missed during your stay in Bordeaux, wine city allows tracing the history of wine. This fun visit and exciting, it will teach you more about one of the flagship products of the Bordeaux region and French culture. If the rain is not too heavy, take time to admire the magnificent scenery. contemporary architecture the building where the museum is located.

Wine City in Bordeaux when it rains
Wine City © dbrnjhrj – stock.adobe.com

Visit the Aquitaine Museum

Recommend on a rainy day Aquitaine MuseumA must visit place in Bordeaux. This history museum It is one of the largest in France. encompassing collections From prehistory to the present, It will allow you to learn more about the history of the Bordeaux region.

A room in the Aquitaine Museum
A room in the Aquitaine Museum © Grand Parc Bordeaux

Enjoy a wine and cheese tasting workshop

To protect you in Bordeaux basic gourmet activity in the region, wine and cheese tasting. You can taste different types of wine and cheese in a cellar in the heart of Bordeaux. You will learn more about secrets of their deals !

Wine and cheese tasting in Bordeaux when it rains
Wine and cheese tasting © Funbooker

Attend a show at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux

We recommend that you pamper yourself with an amazing experience on a rainy evening. Bordeaux Grand Theater. Between ballets and symphonic concerts, the Bordeaux Opera offers: exceptional programming throughout the year. of the Grand Theater daily visit By booking with the Bordeaux Tourist Office. You can also be protected from bad weather in an enchanting environment!

Bordeaux's big theater
Bordeaux’s great theater © Claude Coquilleau

Immerse yourself in Bassin des Lumières

Built on a former submarine base from the Second World War, Light Basin One interactive museum. With artistic projections on the walls and her water basins, this area offers a unique experience! This will truly allow you to rediscover and admire some of the most famous paintings. A visit we recommend in rainy weather as well as in good weather!

Bassin des Lumières in Bordeaux when it rains
Bassin des Lumières © OceanProd – stock.adobe.com

Test Quiz Room

To make your stay in Bordeaux even better when it rains, we recommend you also try a new concept. Exam Room. Located in the very center of Bordeaux, this quiz room play in a real TV set setting. In the heart of an environment mingled with some of the most famous game shows, you’ll quickly forget the weather outside while having fun while playing.

Exam Room
Exam Room © Funbooker

Watch a movie at the Utopia cinema

When it rains in Bordeaux, of course, you can take shelter in a movie theater. for one-of-a-kind sessionWe recommend the Utopia cinema. in an old church and makes it possible to watch movies in gorgeous rooms. Beware this is an art house cinema that offers a very varied program as well as meet ups around the movies.

utopia cinema
Utopian Cinema © Patrick Despoix / Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Fine Arts Museum

art lovers, fine arts museum de Bordeaux is a must visit for rain or shine. Therefore, we recommend you to spend your rainy day here. explore galleries and collections at the speed of your desires in this magnificent museum. Before your visit, this museum mainly 15 picturesto au 20to century You will also find sculptures.

Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux when it rains
Museum of Fine Arts © Bernard Blanc / Flickr

Have fun in an escape game

To protect yourself from a storm or light rain, you can: take part in an escape gameone of the most important activities of the moment. in different parts of Bordeaux and on various themes, you really have the opportunity to find the adventure that suits you best. Whether you’re with family or friends, you have every chance to have fun solving the puzzle that will get you out of the escape game.

Have fun in an escape game in Bordeaux
Have fun in an escape game © Funbooker

Have fun at the Capucins market

If you don’t know what to do in Bordeaux when it rains, don’t hesitate to take a trip to the Capucins market. This Grand Bazaar It is constantly revitalized and offers a wide variety of fresh and local produce.

Capuchin market
Capuchin market © OceanProd – stock.adobe.com

Play with the reflections in the water mirror

The water mirror on the Place de la Bourse, An indispensable place to take photos in Bordeaux. Of course, if you are outside, this mirror that allows you to play with the reflections in the water can again make you have fun in the rain and take original photos. And even if that means getting wet…

water mirror in the rain
water mirror in the rain © seb hovaguimian

After the rain always comes good weather!

So take advantage of Bordeaux on rainy and downpour days to explore museums or do some out-of-the-ordinary activities. After the rain, check out the rest of the city’s must-see attractions. And if you want to continue your stayWe recommend exploring the Arcachon basin and Dune du Pilat or visiting the quaint village of Saint-Emilion around Bordeaux!

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