Here is all our information for obtaining an Indian visa!

Do you dream of discovering the land of the Maharajas? A visa is required for India before departure. What steps should be taken? We tell you everything!

A true Eldorado for backpackers around the world, India fascinates and intrigues travelers. In addition to its multifaceted culture adorned with incredible myths and religions, India exciting variety. The architecture of Rajasthan cities will fascinate you, while the mountains where tea trees are planted in the south will fascinate you. amazing walks. Beach lovers will not be forgotten, especially in Goa and Kerala. But before you can explore these wonders, you will have to complete some formalities, especially getting an Indian visa. Which one to choose? How can you be sure you will get it? Overview of the steps to take!

Do I need a visa for India?

Like most of the world’s nations, French citizensvisa requirement Getting on a plane to India. Depending on the length of your stay, you can: choose e-visa or classic visawill be affixed to your passport. Request must be made before leavingA visa is not issued on arrival in the region.

None visa for india cannot be expanded on the site. If you wish to stay in the country beyond the validity period of your visa, you must leave the region (for example in Nepal or Sri Lanka), apply for a new visa there, and then return to India.

visit india
Some formalities before visiting India © seb2583

What is an e-visa?

An e-visa is an electronic visa. Therefore, all transactions are done onlineOpen Official website. Once obtained, it comes as:A document in A4 format print it out and present it to local authorities on arrival. The officer will then take your fingerprint and stamp your passport. It is now possible to apply for as many e-visas as you want per year and there is no time limit between two e-visas.

Attention, e-visa does not allow you to visit certain regions of the Indian subcontinent. This applies to the following regions:

  • Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and part of Uttarakhand,
  • sikkim,
  • l’Arunachal Pradesh,
  • manipure,
  • Mizoram,
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

tourist e-visa

Tourist e-visa is for those who want to visit India without working there. There is three types :

  • 30 days e-visa maximum on site cost 24 €. applies to two entries and received in the month before your departure.
  • 1 year valid e-visa allows multiple entries, but each stay limited to 90 days in place. embassy fees 37€.
  • e-visa valid for 5 years same conditions as before, but at cost 66€.

business e-visa

A business e-visa must be requested if you are being sent by your company to: carry out a temporary assignment on the siteor if you want to work and get a salary in India. valid for 1 yearallows you to enter as many times as you want, but per stay Cannot exceed 180 days. Embassy fee for this visa for India 74€.

What are the visas to apply at the embassy?

more expensive, Conventional visa applications become rare. Indeed, Indian authorities want to popularize e-visas. But it is The only procedure allowed if you are entering India by land. Formalities directlyIndian Embassy in Paris or at the Consulate General of India in Saint-Denis de la Réunion. You can also apply for an Indian visa at a VFS Global center in Lyon or Marseille.

The classic visa comes in the form of a sticker, stuck in your passport. Lead time approx. 5 days working hours, regardless of the visa requested. The two most requested visas are:

  • Tourist visa : valid 3 to 6 months It allows you to enter and exit the region as many times as you want, depending on your request. Again, each stay on the site is limited to 90 days. embassy fees 109€or 138€ If you want to include the state of Sikkim in your India trip.
  • business visas You are asked if you go to work. This visa cost for india 201€. The period of validity 3 to 12 months, depending on your request. During this time, you can: multiple entries in the country, but on every trip should not exceed 30 days.
india business visa
Getting your visa © Simon Greig

What are the documents to be prepared?

Before starting the visa process for India, check if your passport is in order. It must be valid for at least 6 months from the planned return date and must have at least 3 blank pages, 2 of which are face-to-face. Your passport must be in good condition: Indian authorities refuse to attach a visa to a damaged passport.

Documents required for e-visa application

First, you should fill the form online e-visa application. The introduction must be in English and the questions are many. be sure take your time and answering correctly, especially if the procedure fails, as you can’t get a refund. This can happen if you make a typo or one of the provided documents is not in the correct format.

In addition to this survey, what you need to do provide color scanning and the following documents are of good quality:

  • double identity page of your passport containing your name and photo,
  • Indian standard photo ID and without margins : Rarely should be in 5X5 cm square format. Therefore, the ideal is to have it done by a professional photographer, stating that it is for the Indian visa application.

applicants for business e-visa they will need to attach a color or black and white scan of their professional business card. Delivery time after formalities are completed 2 to 5 days open. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan at least a week in advance. Response sent by e-mailIn the form of a document that will be printed and presented to the Indian authorities upon arrival at the “E-Tourist Visa” counter.

Documents required for visa in passport

Regardless of the type of visa requested, you must bring the following documents to go to the embassy:

  • your original passport,
  • 1 form to be filled, printed and signed online. It can be accessed by clicking on the “Normal/Paper Visa Application” option at the bottom left of the visa application site.
  • 2 passport size photos in accordance with Indian standards (square format 5X5 cm and no margins). Photos should be pasted on the form: the first at the top of the first page, the second at the bottom right corner of the second page. Warning: do not staple them.

If you want a visaMore than 6 months validity On the site you must add:

  • 1 letter typed on computer In English, to the “Indian Embassy in Paris”. This should justify the reasons that led you to apply for a long-term visa and specify the exact dates you will be staying in India.
  • 1 copy of your flight tickets there and back on the same dates as stated in the post.

If you are traveling with young childrenAdd the following parts:

  • 1 copy family registry,
  • 1 copy identity pieces every parent,
  • 1 form supplement for minors completed by each parent.

To get work visaAdditional documents you must provide are:

  • 1 copy simplified balance sheet the company that employs you,
  • 1 mission statement with the official stamp and signature of the company you work for. This must be written on letterhead in English and by computer.
  • if you are self-employed: attach a copy of your document kbis extract.
  • 1 invitation letter The Indian company has the same restrictions as the engagement letter.

How to get an easy and fast visa? If all these formalities seem complicated to you, Fast Visa will make your life easier. Fast and efficient is the assurance of getting your India visa on time. Their biggest asset? They check the validity of all your documents and take the necessary steps for you!

Go to India with your visa
Visit Benares in India © photlook

Are you ready for adventure? To prepare for your trip, start daydreaming in front of these 30 photos taken in India. Then, be sure to read our full why should go to India article. And above all, feel free to tell us about your trip in the comments!

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