Explore the world’s largest cave in Vietnam!

There are also extraordinary places underground, for example Hang Soon Dong cave in Vietnam: the largest in the world!

Hang Soon Dong Cave, an underground wonder

A cave discovered in Vietnam in 2009

Cavemen and nature lovers, grab your carabiners! It is located in the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, in the Bo Trach district, not far from the Laos border. Cave Hang Soon Dong. It is considered the largest in the world. Recently discovered in 2009, this gem of nature has an estimated length of more than 9 km, with galleries 200 m high, 100 m wide and 200 m long. An underground wonder that deserves to be visited for its richness and uniqueness.

Hang Soon Dong Cave, an underground wonder

An incredible microclimate

At Hang Soon Dong cave, the visitor is stunned by the unimaginable landscape presented to him: a green forest with a river, exuberant plants and an incredible microclimate that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Pure beauty. An absolutely exceptional setting that hikers eager for surprises will no doubt appreciate.

It’s hard to imagine such an incredible underground place due to its size (40-story skyscrapers could be built there) and the rich virgin nature it has managed to preserve. Imagine a river with waterfalls, cascades of petrified limestone, millennial layers of cave pearls, stalagmite massifs, and stunning cliffs.

Dare to be adventurous and explore this natural wonder in Asia for an absolutely fascinating journey.

Hang Soon Dong Cave, an underground wonder

Hang Soon Dong Cave, an underground wonder

Hang Soon Dong Cave, an underground wonder

© sondoongcave.org meat Doug Knuth

Cave seen from a drone

In 2016, photographer Ryan Deboot shed new light on this extraordinary cave. After spending about ten hours there, he brought back the magnificent images taken with the help of a drone.

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