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Do you dream of exploring the dragon’s land? You will need to obtain a Vietnam visa before embarking on an unforgettable stay. Overview of the steps to take!

Bringing together all the ingredients for Vietnam an extraordinary journey : from the electrified green rice fields to the majestic Halong Bay, passing by Hanoi’s preserved colonial architecture. The country offers an astonishing variety of landscapes to which a friendly and warm welcome is added. TRUE symbol of eternal Asia, traveling there will allow you to discover unique wonders in the world. Before that, however, some administrative formalities will be required. Which visa type to choose for Vietnam? How long is it valid? We tell you everything!

Do you need a visa for Vietnam?

French citizens, like all European nationals,visa requirement To get on a plane to Vietnam. THEM little childrenregardless of their age, they are subject to this obligation.

only one passport issued by an Asian country ASEAN member can benefit from visa exemption. If this is your case, contact the Vietnamese Embassy for more information. If you are traveling to another country and a simple breakYou do not need to apply for a Vietnam visa. However, you will not be allowed to leave the international terminal area of ​​the airport.

Halong bath has Vietnam
Visitor at Halong Bay © Balate Dorin

Where to get Vietnam visa?

vietnam visa to be Can be obtained in 3 different ways :

  • before leaving, at the Vietnamese embassy in Paris or the embassy of the country you are in. Applications are usually made directly on the site by depositing your passport alongside your full file. If you are unable to travel but live in France, you can complete the formalities by post.
  • via the internet, by applying for an electronic visa. In addition to not having to leave your passport, this solution has the advantage of being faster and cheaper. All steps from form to payment are done online.
  • on arrival : since the introduction of the electronic visa, this possibility has almost disappeared. However, if you have no other choice, you will need to request written permission from the Vietnamese immigration office in advance.

What are the different types of visas available?

Vietnamese authorities issue visas to visit or work in the country. Depending on the purpose of your trip, often different durations are possible. up to a year. vietnam visa valid on the requested dates in the formand not from the date of completion. In other words, you can do the steps several months in advance. This will save you the stress of last minute formalities! In contrast, the chosen dates must be strictly adhered to and local authorities are very selective in this regard. visa expiry date. Therefore, a $25 penalty applies for each overdue day.

Once there, it’s possible visa extension application. To do this, go to the immigration office in the nearest town or entrust your passport to your hotel or a local travel agent who will do the formalities for you. Most of the time, you can extend it twice, for a period equal to what you initially got. Ideally, do it at least a week before your visa expiry date, the steps can be quite long, especially on public holidays. There is three visa categorieseach has different lengths and conditions of stay.


This visa for Vietnam is obtained online in advance, i.e. simplest solution. It is intended for people who want to visit the country for tourism or business purposes. electronic visa valid for 1 month (30 days) from the date you entered Vietnam. With this visa only single entry in the region. If you wish to leave the country and enter with another e-visa, you will need to adhere to a one-month interval between two stays.

What you need to do to apply for this visa arriving at an international airport, because your passport will be read electronically. The device is deployed at land and sea border posts. So be sure to find out if you’re planning to enter Vietnam without flying. The e-visa fee is 24€. Therefore, it is the most accessible of all visas available!

Tourist or business visa

These two visas available from embassy It is very important if you want to stay in Vietnam and the country for more than a month or if you want to get in and out as much as you want.

for single entry :

  • Visa fee for 1 to 30 days on site is 60 €.
  • From 31 to 90 days (3 months), the price is 80 €.

for visa multiple entries :

  • From 1 to 30 days, the cost is 80€.
  • From 31 to 90 days on site, the price is 130 €.

If you need to get one of these visas emergency, the price is an additional 60 € per person. Again business visasare given for professional reasons. For example, if you need to perform an on-site task. In this case, the visa period can be extended by requesting official permission from the embassy. Depending on the duration given in Vietnam, the visa fee can go up to 160 €.

Visa in passport
Have a visa in your passport © ma8

During the health crisis, Vietnam took certain measures:

  • Tourist or Business e-visa is issued.
  • Business visa on passport is issued upon authorization.
  • The tourist visa in the passport remains suspended.

What are the documents to be prepared?

Don’t forget to check before applying for Vietnam visa your passport eligibility. This must be in good condition, the embassy reserves the right to reject any damaged or torn passport. It must also contain at least one completely blank page so that the visa can be affixed or the passport stamped on arrival.

Documents required for e-visa

To apply for an e-visa, go to: national immigration portal. You will need to scan and upload the following documents:

  • 2nd and 3rd pages your passport (with your ID and signature). The scan should be of good quality. For e-visa, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return.
  • A ID photo By French standards: colorful and your face is clear and expressionless.

When you fill out the questionnaire, you will be asked the following questions in addition to your credentials:

  • your Nationality,
  • your job as well as your employer’s name and contact information. If you are not working, indicate as “no”,
  • vos entry and exit points you vietnamese
  • the motif your stay,
  • your onsite address : indicate the name and address of your hotel upon arrival.

After completing your online application, confirmation mail A few days later. You will then need to follow the given link, check that all the information is correct, print your e-visa and present it with your passport when you arrive in Vietnam.

Documents required for visa application at the consulate

If you can travel to Paris, go to the Vietnamese embassy. file your file visa application during working hours. If it is impossible for you to get there, the papers can be sent by post. You will need to provide the following documents:

  • your passport, It is valid for 1 month from the date of return.
  • an identity photo in original color, by French standards.
  • NA1 form duly filled visa application form. This will be downloaded from the website and the photo must be pasted into the attachment provided for this purpose.
  • And means of payment (cash, credit card or check).
  • If your stay is a business tripInclude a passport photo along with a letter from the company that employs you describing the nature of the work done in the field.

If the request is made by mail, you must additionally provide:

  • Control It will be paid to the Vietnamese Embassy.
  • an envelope registered postage paid with confirmation of receipt for the return of your papers.

How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa?

Lead time will depend on visa type asked :

  • 4 to 5 working days for e-visa,
  • 10 days for visa at the embassy,
  • 3 days for emergency visa.

How to get an easy and fast visa? Simplify your life! If you’re afraid of making mistakes or don’t want to deal with it, review it. Fast Visa is the right solution. How to proceed? Fill out the file, submit your documents and they’ll take care of the rest. efficient and fastYou can rest assured that you will receive your Vietnam visa.

rice fields in vietnam
Visa in hand, visit Vietnam © Blue Planet Studio

Now that the formalities are completed, the preparations are yours! Read our travel advice article to organize your trip and start daydreaming in front of these 42 photos taken on the site. Did you like this article? Feel free to react in the comments!

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