archipelagos with a thousand faces?

The Philippines has many treasures for Western tourists: diverse cultural influences, idyllic beaches, geological curiosities, primitive nature… Enough to make this an unforgettable place to stay, and we’ll explain why!

in Southeast Asia, 7000 islands It forms the Philippine archipelago stretching for 1800 km from north to south and 1000 km from east to west. Not the most popular destination in the region, this tourist destination still holds many treasures for Western travelers: diverse cultural influences, idyllic beaches, geological curiosities, primitive nature… And to complete this stay in the Philippines, a few days in Manila, bars and restaurants. allows you to enjoy shopping or night outings at restaurants.. Why should you visit the Philippines? Here are the main advantages:

Spanish influence in the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich history. one that has left visible marks on the current culture or architecture of the country. Thus, the Philippines was part of the Spanish colonial empire from 1565, after it was discovered by Fernand de Magellan in 1521. At the end of the 19th century, the Philippines was sold to the Americans by the Spanish, but the country briefly experienced Japanese occupation during World War II before gaining independence in 1946. An amazing melting pot!

church of the philippines
Philippine Church © Christian Paul Del Rosario

Manila begins its trip to the Philippines

For western travelers The main gateway for a vacation in the Philippines is the country’s capital, Manila.. Located on the island of Luzon, the largest island in the country, Manila has the title of “the most densely populated city in the world” with a population of 1.6 million spread over an area of ​​approximately 38.5 km²! Therefore, you will likely start your stay in the Philippines from Ninoy Aquino International Airport before catching a shuttle or taxi to reach the heart of Manila city.

Visiting and going out in Manila

You need at least 2 weeks to enjoy your trip to the Philippines, you know that 3 of them really allows you to do a full tour of the archipelago. To start in Manila, you can visit the national museum for an overview of the country’s history, then neighborhood colonial d’Intramuroswas founded by the Spaniards. To see: Saint-Augustin church, cathedral and Fort Santiago. Manila also has an authentic Chinatown and a rather remarkable cemetery north of the city. Finally, the Ermita and Malate districts to the south are home to bars and restaurants. Ideal place to go out and partyJust after admiring the sunset over Manila Bay…

A dream beach in the Philippines ©BongVideos Production

Marvel at the nature of the Philippines

By staying on the island of Luzon, Towards the Banaue and stepped rice fields, typical terrace cultivation found in various Asian countries. This is a good argument that should answer your question: Why should you visit the Philippines? In the second step, we head towards the mountainous region of the central cordillera around Sagada. From there, you can explore the wonders that Philippines nature has to offer to visitors. Underground rivers, rugged landscapes and a local “curiosity”, an ancient burial: coffins hanging from the edge of the cliff!

Chocolate Mountains and Dream Beaches in the Philippines

Why should you visit the Philippines? central Visayas region ? Because it consists of several islands! But we find the most interesting sites in Bohol. chocolate mountains or tarsier reserve, a very small mammal native to the region. The island of Cebu is also a must for its idyllic beaches and monuments: the Magellanic Cross, Santo Nino Basilica and San Pedro Castle. Depending on the time available, you can complete your vacation in the Philippines by exploring the Palawan region and specifically the municipality of El Nido, discovering the perfect beaches and lagoons to end your stay in complete peace.

Chocolate Hills ©Nicole Law

Philippines: a cheap stay

A large number of trips to visit the Philippines necessarily lead to a large number of hotel reservations. Fortunately, this doesn’t usually cost too much. In the effect, cost of living is not very expensive For Western tourists, hotel infrastructures (hotels, resorts, hostels, etc.) are so developed that they can find a room to sleep at the last minute without any problems. The low cost of living is also an attractive argument for dining and shopping.

philippines tortoise
The Tortoise in Apo ©Belle Co

practical information

Would you like to visit the Philippines? For a successful stay, OK Voyage allows you to benefit from its practical knowledge and good plans.

  • Tourism Office : The Ministry of Tourism has many offices in different parts of the country. The national tourist office is located in Manila. Also visit the website philippines tourism department
  • Passport and visa : Visa is not required for citizens of the European Union, provided that they do not exceed 21 days in the Philippines. Only a valid passport is required.
  • Health and vaccination : Vaccination is not mandatory, but treatment for malaria is highly recommended, depending on the areas visited.
  • Money and change : The currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PHP).
  • When to leave? The dry season (preferred) in the Philippines is from December to May and the rainy season is from June to November. See the climate in detail.
  • jet lag : There is a 7 hour difference between France and the Philippines in summer and 6 hours in winter. While it is noon in Paris, it is 7 pm in Manila.


  • Getting to the Philippines: The main gateway from Europe to the Philippines is Ninoy Aquino International Airport located near Manila.
  • Getting Around the Philippines: Due to the many island-to-island excursions, we can recommend boats and planes for departure to the Philippines. On land, it is best to travel by taxi or chauffeur, as roads are sometimes in poor condition and accidents are frequent.

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