A must to visit Hammamet, one of the pearls of Tunisia

The city of Hammamet, in northeastern Tunisia, is very popular with tourists, especially for its kasbah and magnificent beaches.

Hammamet is a small Tunisian jewel that a billionaire has made his garden. Since then, the popularity of the city has grown, until it becomes an indispensable cityDefinitely to explore during your stay in Tunisia.

Discover the history of the city of Tunis

Hammamet, which you will see by visiting the ruins of the villa, has existed since the Roman period. middle age, the city was strengthened with the addition of the walls. It develops with the construction of a mosque and a small castle. At the time it was still a small town. Georges Sebastian, a billionaire, decided to build a second home there in the 1930s.. Others did the same, and the history of Hammamet began after that. The French protectorate has completed making this small town a popular accommodation for Europeans.

medina history
Hammamet medicine ©Habib M’henni / Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hammamet has now become a paradise for marine tourism. The city, which is protected from the heat by the winds coming from the Mediterranean, is above all a beautiful place to spend a peaceful holiday, especially in Medina. Inside It’s like time has stopped in these small streets winding through the city.. The narrow streets are well illuminated by the white walls reflecting the sun’s rays. Not far from there, you can find ceramics and mats made in Nabil.

5 must-see things when visiting Hammamet

Hammamet is located on the northeastern coast of Tunisia. It is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean and is not without visitor attractions. We have selected 5 must-see places for you in this city with a population of 75,000!


Although relatively small, the old city of Hammamet is the true heart of the city. Its narrow streets and ramparts are truly characteristic. You will find lots of shops and souvenir ideas in its bazaar. The medina is located at the southern end of the city. The immaculate facades and brightly colored doors of their houses are worth a wander alone.

Hammamet Medina
Medina de Hammamet / © milda79

la kasbah

Dominating the medina, the fort of Hammamet is undoubtedly one of the most famous emblems of the city. It reminds tourists of the city’s warlike past. Built in the 9th century, it encouraged many people to settle nearby to take advantage of its protection during a troubled time marked by the greed of some invaders and vigilante pirates.

Hammamet Castle and Kasbah
Fort de Hammamet / © tingra

You will embrace from the top of your walls the white city is a magnificent view under your feet, the bay will shine a little more. Not far from the bay, your gaze will rest International cultural center of HammametIt was built in Georges Sebastian’s villa. Take advantage of the botanical garden and its elegant rows of columns and learn about the current program. Indeed, in the center 1,200-seat open-air theater. A festival is held here in the summer. Finally, Hammamet dedicated a museum, Dar Khadija museumIn Roman times and a visit will immerse you in a time when this small town was just a simple lost village.


The fine sandy beaches of Hammamet, along with those of Djerba, of course, are among the most famous in Tunisia. They are pleasant to visit all year round, even in winter. In summer, average temperatures flirt with 30°C. They rarely fall below 12-13°C in January.

Hammamet Beaches
Plages de Hammamet / © derejeb

Grand Mosque

The Great Mosque of Hammamet was built in the 12th and 13th centuries. An outstanding monument that wonderfully showcases the Moorish architecture of the Middle Ages. It was located directly opposite the city’s baths (“hammamet” is the plural of “hammam”).

Hammamet Mosque
Hammamet Mosque / © Seguintlespasses

Pupput’s remains

it’s a poo Former name of Hammamet. It was colonized by the Romans at the beginning of our era. The latter left magnificent archaeological remains there, including one of the largest Roman necropolises on the African continent.

Today, searching for something hotel in hammamet Elsewhere outside of Medina, one often finds happiness near these ruins.

Puppet Ruins
Pupput Ruins / © Rais67

Yasmine Hammamet

The city has managed to modernize, as evidenced by the seaside resort Yasmine Hammamet. It is a tourist resort equipped with about fifty buildings, hotels, restaurants, marina and amusement park. Tracing the adventures of Hanno and Barbarossa…not to mention a completely artificial medina. This city in town makes it possible to complete the touristic offer of Hammamet and at the same time attract people looking for leisure and people with a definite intention of rest.

yasmin hammamet
Yasmine Hammamet ©Marc Ryckaert / Wikipedia Commons

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Do you feel the scent of jasmine and spice intoxicating you?

Take a shared taxi during your stay in Hammamet. explore the environment. Safer, make a reservation if needed Private trip from Hammamet : Discover the magic of Tunisia with a private guide for you and your loved ones. Distances in Tunisia are not very large. You can visit Tunisia for the day or head further south to Monastir. Enough to take full advantage of the Tunisian atmosphere and welcome!

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