29 breathtaking photos from the Isle of Beauty

we chose for you The most beautiful squares of this paradise island. There is something for everyone and a change of environment is guaranteed. Cliffs, sand, lagoon, harbors and small typical villages, the landscapes of Corsica will amaze you!

Bastia port

To the north of the island of Beauty is the port of Bastia. fishing and excursion boatsremains essential for walking and lunch breaks.

Bastia port
Le port de Bastia © fotoo

Limestone cliffs in Bonifacio

In this photo we find the famous white chalk cliffs of Bonifacio. they are doing this medieval city a breathtaking, unique and exotic place that amazes young and old alike.

Bonifacio cliffs
Bonifacio cliffs © Thomas Heitz

town of Bonifacio

Here we find Bonifacio perched on the cliff. Exceptional historical heritage found extreme south of CorsicaA unique place you cannot miss!

Bonifacio in the landscapes of Corsica
Bonifacio on the cliff © coco

village of Corte

Here is a photo of the village of Corte, which we found among the indispensable sights of Corsica. this castle classified as historical artifacts It was built around its 16th century castle.

Corte village in Corsican landscapes
village of Corte © fannyes

Bloodthirsty Islands – Ajaccio

The Bloody Islands consist of: 4 red porphyry islets and located at the entrance. Bay of Ajaccio. An extraordinary Corsican landscape that invites you to escape!

Sunset on the Sanguinaires Islands
Sunset on the Sanguinaires Islands © JmR

llama’s village

Here is the village of Lama, Lives in Haute-CorseInviting calm and detachment. Streets, vaulted passages and stairs, atypical visit and exceptional.

Lama village in Corsica
Llama village © ralf werner froelich

Ponte Vecchiu in Galeria

A change of scenery with this Genoa bridgeAt the place called Ponte Vecchiu in Galeria, mudA very popular river close to Calvi and where you can swim.

Ponte Vecchiu in Corsican landscapes
The Old Bridge © Jon Ingall

Santa Giulia beach

Another breathtaking view of Corsica: a magnificent expanse of fine sand called Santa Giulia. south of Porto Vecchiofamous for its splendor turquoise lagoon !

Santa Giulia beach
Santa Giulia beach © Eva Insect

Purcaraccia waterfalls

very beautiful natural site natural pools and cascades, Located between Solenzara and BavellaIt deserves to be seen. An ideal view of Corsica for photography lovers!

Purcaraccia waterfalls in Corsican landscapes
Purcaraccia waterfalls © guillaumeastruc

The church of the village of Cargèse

Magnificent view of the Cargèse church found on the west sideoverlooking a second church by the sea. why sur la collinethis village is a must!

Cargese church
Cargèse church © pkazmierczak

Lavezzi Islands

Southern Corsica has the Lavezzi islands 10 km from Bonifacio : an archipelago 23 islands where there are fine sandy beaches and turquoise water coves.

Lavezzi Islands in Corsica
Lavezzi Islands © B.Bouvier

Gate Tower

Beautiful photo of the ruined Genoese tower, Located in the town of Ajaccio. A site that offers an extraordinary panorama of the bloodthirsty islands: a stunning view of Corsica!

La Torra di a Parata, Corsica
The Tower Stands © Andrew Mayovskyy

piana streams

Halfway between Ajaccio and Calvi are the Piana streams, one of the wonders of southern Corsica. Not to be missed if you choose this destination!

Piana Calanques
Piana Calanques © David

Golf de Porto

Another beautiful view of Corsica with this amazing shot of Porto Bay It is part of the Regional Natural Park and Ota municipality.

Bay of Porto in Corsican landscapes
Le golf de Porto © Martin

Rondinara Beach

In this aerial photo, the paradise beach of Rondinara, Between Porto Vecchio and BonifacioIt is popular with beachside restaurants and fine sand.

Rondinara Beach
Rondinara Beach © Andrew Mayovskyy

Palombaggia beach

Palombaggia, another famous beach of Corsica, listed among the most beautiful of the island of beauty. Located in the town of Porto Vecchio, it overlooks the Cerbicale islands!

Palombaggia beach in Corsica landscape
La Plage de Palombaggia © pkazmierczak

city ​​of Ajaccio

Pastel colors for beach and hills This beautiful view of Corsica It is none other than the city of Ajaccio. The capital of the island of beauty where he was born Napoleon Bonaparte !

Ajaccio in Corsica
Ajaccio © evannovostro

Nino’s lake

For hikers, on Lake Nino, Second largest lake in Corsica. Accessible for all ages, it reaches its peak at an altitude of 1,743 m.

Nino's lake
Nino Lake © Frog 974

Calvi castle

Here is a snapshot of Calvi castle, a magnificent perched castleWith its marina and turquoise sea, which we can add to the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica.

Calvi castle
Calvi castle © Randi Utnes

zonza commune

A photo taken at sunset where we found Zonza in South Corsica. Located between the sea and the mountain, a charming town which attracts tourists.

zonza village
Zonza village © Andrew Mayovskyy

lotu beach

This magnificent beach also deserves its place among the most beautiful sights in Corsica. A little corner of paradise It is located northeast of the coast of the Agriates desert. !

lotu beach
Lotu beach © Martin

Anse d’Aliso

found west of Cap CorseThe beautiful Anse d’Aliso, with its winding road to the village of Pino monastery by the sea.

Anse d'Aliso in the landscapes of Corsica
L’Anse d’Aliso © Naeblys

corsica lagoon

It is impossible to recall the most beautiful sights of Corsica without choosing a photo. Beautiful lagoon of beauty islandinvites you to swim.

Corse Lagoon
Corse lagoon © mattei


Beautiful view of Corsica too, Ospedale the highest village in the south of the beauty island. A small path takes you around the lake at the foot of the fir trees.

Ospedale in Corsica
Ospedale in Corsica © evannovostro

ficajola beach

Bird’s eye view of Ficajola beachcove of Piana creeksThe only place accessible on foot. There are small fishing huts there.

ficajola beach
Ficajola beach © Martin

Porto Novo coast

Located in Porto Vecchio, at the bottom of Porto Novo Bay, this idyllic beach still natural and without any construction. It is accessible either by boat or by sea. a 45 minute walk environment.

View of Porto Novo beach
View of Porto Novo beach © Gamut

tip of Spérone

Here we find the tip of the Spérone famous for its two idyllic beaches (Petit and Grand Sperone) and outstanding golf course. A breathtaking view of Corsica not to be missed!

Spérone Point
Spérone Point © Frederique

Phare de la Pietra

Here is the famous Pietra lighthouse or Ile Rousse lighthouse. It is possible to reach from the footpath and admire a magnificent panorama.

Phare de la Pietra
Stone Phare © Jon Ingall

Propriano lighthouse and beach

We end at the Propriano beach lighthouse. this beautiful photoWhere only the sound of water and birds sway in this enchanting landscape of Corsica.

Propriano lighthouse and beach
Propriano lighthouse and beach © cazam

Attractive Corsica, isn’t it?

The landscapes of Corsica, which has been ranked several times in the rankings of the French favorite destinations or the most beautiful sights in France, make the island a beauty. a little corner of paradise to explore without moderation. With all these breathtaking views, it’s hard not to want a romantic or family stay here. Before you leave, here’s how to properly prepare for your stay. And if you already know Corsica, another Mediterranean island: Sardinia!

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