26 of Switzerland’s most beautiful sights in photos!

Located in the center of Europe, Switzerland is a country that always knows how to improve its features. Keeper of centuries-old traditions makes embellishment a matter of honor natural beauty: deep valleys, high snow-capped peaks, meadows full of colorful flowers, perched hamlets, towns with a dazzling cultural heritage… there is everything to be surprised! Here is our list of the 26 most beautiful sights in Switzerland.

Lac Bachalp

Nickname “Blue Jewel”The Bachalp Lake is aptly qualified. Reflected in its clear waters Mount Le SchreckhornIt creates an absolutely stunning display. A 1-hour walk from First will be required to get there.

Le Lac Bachalp
Le lac Bachalp © Andrew Mayovskyy

Staz Lake

Located in the heart of the Staz forest, at an altitude of 1,809 meters above sea level, between Saint-Moritz and Pontresina, this lake is clear water that invites you to swim. Its warmth, originating directly from the nearby glaciers, is surprisingly very pleasant.

switzerland skyline from Lac de Staz
Lake Staz in Switzerland © Giacomo


Offering some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland, the image of Épinal, the village of Zermatt has made it its mission to highlight local customs and traditions. traditional architectural culture of Walsers. The result is a car-free village. old buildings side by side with old barns It has been beautifully restored. If you want to enjoy the snow, it is a ski resort of choice in Switzerland.

Zermatt village in Swiss landscapes
Zermatt village © martinhosmat083


The quintessential Alpine village of Lauterbrunnen is in the center of an astonishing region. number of activities possible. Take a walk in its peaceful valley, climb sensational viewpoints, admire one of the most beautiful Swiss waterfalls alongside typical wooden chalets.

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Valley © Eva Bocek


Touch a cultural and gastronomic stayThere’s nothing like the city of Gruyères! Especially because it’s stunning church of Saint-Theodule and medieval streets. Curious, don’t miss it Gruyere House dedicated to the famous cheese!

Medieval town of Gruyères
Medieval town of Gruyères © Gerald Villena


Surrounded by Lake Geneva and surrounded by mountains, Lausanne offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland. Its historic center is absolutely beautiful and its state-of-the-art establishments give it away. incredible dynamism.

Lausanne © f11photo

Areuse gateways

In a green setting, the Areuse alleyways can be visited on foot. during walks sensational. Gorgeous stone bridges and walkways deep gorges dug by the riverside… absolutely magical!

Gorges de l'Areuse in Swiss landscapes
Areuse Gorges © matho


The multifaceted city, both flamboyant and with an incredible architectural heritage, Geneva seduces all passing visitors. Surrounded by Lake Geneva, the quality of life is pleasant and the old town is full of houses with 18th-century facades.

aerial view of Geneva
Aerial view of Geneva © Samuel B.

Lake Biel

Family-friendly and easily accessible, Lake Biel is known by locals for its plentiful fish for fishermen’s delight. THEM hills dotted with vineyards it is a real delight for the eyes surrounding it.

Lake Biel in Swiss landscapes
Lake Biel © Stephanie Jud


The village of Lavertezzo, on the border with Italy, offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland thanks to its natural beauty. Romantic streets smelling of historyand stone bridges under which the Verzasca river passes.

Verzasca in Switzerland
Verzasca © Sina Ettmer

Aare Strait

This tributary of the 288 km long Rhine has excavated limestone rocks that create breathtaking gorges. to discover them, tunnels and walkways system Young and old amused!

Aare gorges in Swiss landscapes
Strait of Aare © Franz Gerhard


to ‘azru’Romantic weekend in Switzerland ? Lucerne is ideal with its beautiful medieval city centre, the banks of the river Reuss surrounded by two magnificent bridges, its pleasant atmosphere and its lake.

Lucerne old town
Lucerne’s old town © Scanrail


Take the highest cog train in Europe to reach Gornergrat, which is 3,135 meters above sea level. TRUE Paradise for hiking lovers and outdoor sports, the area is also absolutely gorgeous!

Le Gornergrat
And Gornergrat © KengYang

Lake Champex

Lake Champex offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland, as well as many activities and sites to visit : Flore-Alpe Alpine Botanical Garden, Fort d’Artillerie, Woufline de la Breya ziplines and various beaches to relax.

Lake Champex in Swiss landscapes
Lake Champex © Joolyann

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Here Europe’s highest station since it is located at an altitude of 3,883 meters above sea level. In addition to its spectacular views of the peaks of Italy, France and Switzerland, and the Théodule glacier, the ski slopes are open all year round.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise © 4Max


The old town of Veytaux is a must-visit during your Switzerland trip. especially famous for its existence. magnificent Chillon castleperched on a rocky island.

Chillon castle in Swiss landscapes
Chillon Castle © saiko3p – stock.adobe.com


Set in a majestic valley, the village of Grindelwald has it all! With its typical Swiss architecture and many surrounding walking paths, it is an idyllic base for vacationers. great outdoors vacation.

Panorama of Grindelwald in Switzerland
Grindelwald Panorama © Rechitan Sorin

Lake Thun

The gateway to the Bernese Oberland, Lake Thun is surrounded by the village of the same name. Her stunning blue waters and its wooded surroundings make up Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes, and there is no shortage of activity in the area.

Lake Thun
Lake Thun © 9mot


These mountain ranges passing through Central Europe, gorgeous view with vast beech forests dominated by majestic peaks. The best way to discover it is to take a walk!

Carpathians under the snow
Carpathians under the snow © jenyateua


Welcome swiss riviera ! The beautiful city of Montreux is sure to enchant its visitors. On the shore of Lake Genevaits old town and the market square where you can wander among the stalls.

Montreux, on the shore of Lake Geneva
Montreux on the shore of Lake Geneva © skymoon13


Basel, located on the banks of the Rhine, on the border of France and Germany, a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city. Don’t miss admiring the impressive Rathaus (town hall) and strolling the Marktplatz.

Basel's old town
Basel’s old town © Boris Stroujko


If you’re looking for typical Swiss landscapes, drop your bags off at Champéry. Charming village in Valais. It is a magnificent holiday destination with wooden chalets adorned with colorful flowers and all the activities offered according to the seasons.

Champéry village
Champery village © LaMantarraya

Lake Lucerne

Located on a mountain range 434 meters above sea level, this glacial lake attracts passers-by thanks to its natural beauty. azure waters and lots of activities on offer: boat trips, canoeing, beaches perfect for lazing around, hiking etc.

Lake Lucerne in Swiss landscapes
Lake Lucerne © João Martins Neto

Rhine Falls

These Europe’s largest waterfalls ! Steer him so he can get as close as possible to Schaffhausen and feel the force of the water falling with a dull roar. will be more courageous a boat to reach the rock surrounded by sparkling waters.

Rhine Falls
Les chutes du Rhin © Jürgen Wackenhut

Les chutes de Trummelbach waterfalls

Take a full look at this wonderful nature view. A dozen waterfalls at different heights in the heart of the Lauterbrunnen valley offer an absolutely magical panorama!

Trummelbach Falls in Switzerland
Trummelbach shots © Melinda Nagy

Lake Brienz

A lot family and Lake Brienz, which attracts the inhabitants of Bern, remains one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. In the summer you can indulge in fishing, water skiing or canoeing, the rest of the year real postcard landscapes.

Lake Brienz in Swiss landscapes
Lake Brienz © borisbelenky

Are you ready to take your eyes off the most beautiful sights of Switzerland?

For a short stay or a long holiday, Switzerland great playground. Take the time to visit the must-sees! And if you’re a nature lover, take a tour of some of the most beautiful waterfalls the country has to offer. Do not forget to share your impressions with us in the comments after you return from your trip!

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