15 must-do experiences in Tibet

Tibet is located on the highest plateau in the world, and this is a prerequisite for those who want to climb Everest, the roof of the world. Tibet was occupied by Mao’s army in the 1950s: Red Guards. Violent repressions and mass executions followed… But today, thrill-seeking travelers have access to incredible visits to Tibet!

Journey on the Path of Friendship

For most travelers, Tibet is a separate destination, characterized by pervasive mysticism and spiritual ascension nature. Thus, many people decide to reach the country by road as a sign of respect for this region where the roof of the world rises. The Friendship Highway is more than 1300 km. It originates in Kathmandu in Nepal and runs towards Lhasa. From its route you can reach historical towns, secular monasteries and even the base camp of Everest. A royal artery to the beating heart of Tibet.

friendship highway
The way of friendship ©Lugaa

Learn the secrets of Buddhism at Sakya Monastery

Many travelers come to Tibet to do things they cannot afford to do in their daily lives: remembering themselves and opening their eyes to spiritual things. From the Friendship Highway, Branch to Sakya Monastery. Its warrior appearance and fortified surroundings, inspired by Mongolian architectural traditions, are actually one of the most important libraries in the country. A hundred monks guard this treasure of Buddhism and offer a gateway to spiritual knowledge to anyone who can.

sakya monastery
Sakya Monastery ©crystaltmc

Admire Everest from Rongbuk Monastery

Again from the Friendship Highway, a magnificent track lost in the surrounding mountains stops lifeless at the forest’s gates. Rongbuk Monastery. Considered the highest place of worship in the world, this place is best known for its breathtaking views of the north face of Everest. At about 5,000 meters above sea level, you will be surprised when the weather is clear! For those unable to attempt climbing Chomolungma, sleeping on the premises will give them a great insight into what life on top of the world might be like.

Rongbuk Monastery
Rongbuk Monastery ©Siriwatthana Chankawee

Meditate at Drepung Monastery

here you are largest tibetan monastery In the world. It is the burial place of several Dalai Lamas.and above all a place where the struggle between the Chinese and Tibetans crystallized. Do not hesitate to visit this historical place!

monastery Drepung
Monastery Drepung ©THPSock

See Shalu Monastery

This monastery contains many relics and other religious objects. He is also known for his “leaving monks”: Legend has it that when they meditate, their bodies rise a few centimeters above the ground… But don’t expect to see anything during your visit! Meditation is a sacred moment incompatible with the arrival of tourists.

Shalu Monastery
Monastere Shalu ©crystaltmc

climb Everest

The ascent to Everest is usually via Nepal. After this, east wing opened to adventurers and so you can climb Everest over Tibet. Other Himalayan peaks are accessible to tourists with less dizzying heights. Find out in advance and book qualified guides to leave!

Everest Tibet
L’Everest ©Yuanping

Discover the Tibetan spirit in the city of Gyantse

There is probably no better place to capture the essence of Tibetan culture. To continue. Its cobblestone old town has always welcomed travelers from a variety of backgrounds who come here to trade or simply travel to distant lands. Besides the Palcho monastery or castle and its breathtaking view, the city organizes the Horse Racing Festival every year, a lively horse race. Definitely one of the activities to do in Tibet!

To continue
Cut ©pawopa3336

Meet Tibetans in Shigatse City

On the way to friendship stands an important city with its size, second in Tibet, but also important with its history. Shigatse is today largely Sinicized, but retains a significant part of its local identity. especially on Sundays. There is so much to see and do in Tibet, but sometimes we forget that Tibetans are a people rich in an ancient culture and their traditions have a lot to say about today’s world. Feel free to wander among the morning vendors to meet local people and if you’re smart, maybe you’ll be invited to one of the traditional houses that line the small alleys around.

Shigatse Tibet
Shigatse © Bob Yue

Get lost in the streets of Lhasa

At the end of the Friendship Highway, Lhasa’s first residences appear. capital of the Tibetan kingdom since 7pearl In the 19th century, the city is now undergoing Chinese expansionism, which continues to increase with the arrival of the train. Again, Lhasa retains its authenticity in the Tibetan neighborhood and its many holy sites continue to amaze Western tourists. Norbulingka summer palace, Potala or Barkhor kora, Lhasa is the best city to do in Tibetboth to admire its architecture and to be shoulder to shoulder with the local culture.

Lhassa ©BeyondTheRoad

Wander around Jokhang Temple

Precisely in Lhasa there is a place that takes the place of others with the spiritual fervor one can feel there. And the temple in Jokhang indeed, it is the holiest place in the country and an important pilgrimage site for its followers. At any time of the day and night, masses of marchers can be observed regularly prostrating, shaking their rhymes. There is no other place to do in Tibet to understand the importance of religion in these mountains and let his soul fly to the unforgettable rhythm of the monks’ footsteps.

Jokhang temple
And the Jokhang temple ©Huyangshu

Visit Potala

Perched on a hill, Potala embraces Lhasa and the entire surrounding region. The Potala was the residence of the Dalai Lama. It is divided into two parts: the white house and the red house. The first was devoted to the life of the Dalai Lama, and the second to religious work.

Potala Tibet
Le Potala ©SteveAllenPhoto

Immerse yourself in legend at Samye Monastery

Around Lhasa there are many important monasteries that have left their mark on the history of the kingdom. Drepung is the biggest in Tibet, Sera was a big study center but It was Samye that was first built around 775.. The story says that Guru Rinpoche had to face evil forces here in order to impose the Buddhist faith in the country. certain, The Brahmaputra shores offer an extraordinary setting, it’s almost magical that we’ve come to believe all the legends from the depths of time.

samye monastery
Samye Monastery ©Jason_Yu

Meditate by gazing at the calm waters of Nam-tso Lake

A few hours north of Lhasa is one of the most magnificent lakes in Tibet. For many pilgrims, The chora around Nam-Tso lake is an indispensable part of a believer’s life.. Its vast gray and salty blue surface blends perfectly with the white of the surrounding peaks, making it an incredible sight when wild animals, yaks, cranes and migratory birds come here to drink. The lake, which is over 4700 meters above sea level, is one of the must-see points in Tibet’s to-do list.

Nam Tso Lake
Lac Nam Tso © TersinaShieh

Wander through the Tsaparang tunnels

In the far west of Tibet, IX.pearl Guge kingdom. The capital at that time Tsaparang, a mining town that has carved most of its architectural structures into the very heart of the rock.. Here, Kashmiri and Nepali inspiration is ubiquitous. We especially appreciate the murals that adorn the caves, stairs and tunnels. They cross the bowels of the city and offer a refuge to Tibetan culture, which has been spared for the time being from attempts to assimilate its colonizer.

Tsaparang Tibet
Tsaparang ©Zzvet

Fighting Mount Kailash

Tsaparang is an ideal starting point. Set out to conquer Mount Kailash. Manasarovar, the “precious jewel of the snow” and its associated lake, is among the most sacred places for Buddhists as well as Hindus and Jains. You can admire its 6,714-meter height from its feet or mingle with the pilgrims on their way. a kora more than three days old honoring the gods as they should be. Wild animals and the splendor of the place will do the rest!

Mount Kailash
Where is Kailash?

Useful information

  • The easiest way to reach Lhasa is by air. Many flights connect major Chinese cities with the capital. but it is also possible to choose the train. You will then need to count several days of travel.
  • Followers of slow travel will choose the path of friendship. Pay attention to the height which can harm poorly prepared organisms. Respect the levels and only try to climb if you don’t have heart disease.
  • Also be aware that accommodation is rare and not always of good quality. Caravanserais offer a cheap alternative, but the conditions there are very few.
  • Finally, make sure you have all administrative privileges. There is so much to do in Tibet but not all are allowed and the Chinese bureaucracy is uncompromising!
glacier Tibet
Tibet Glacier ©TaoTaoLi1989

Tibet’s sine qua non… What about after?

Roof of the World is an exceptional country whose tourist attraction continues to increase day by day. spiritual quest becomes a necessity for many citizens of the world. At the same time, it is surrounded by neighbors with common features, such as Nepal, with which it shares Everest, India, and China, which has many religious affiliations and even offered it modernity, for better or worse, at the expense of its autonomy. The country has many opportunities to marvel at the beauty of the world and its people…

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