13 visits to visit around Puy du Fou (in Vendée)

Looking to extend your stay and looking for things to do around Puy du Fou? Here are 13 potential customers to follow!

Next to the town of Epesses in the Vendée, an alternative entertainment complex and not too small to resist again and again. Here at Puy du Fou we offer: local version of the events that marked the region. Puy du Fou offers a different view of the Vendée’s trajectory with the help of pyrotechnic displays, fictionalized historical figures, and even animal trainers and special effects. But what to do around Puy du Fou after visiting the park? Here are our ideas!

Visit the Grasla shelter in Brouzils

Highly recommend if you want to dive deeper into Vendée history. Grasla bunker. in your heart national forest namesake, you can admire its reconstruction village of cabanesRefuge of the banned and wanted during the Vendée Wars, to accompany them all museum and a beach terrace.

Grasla bunker around Puy du Fou
Grasla shelter © shelter.fr

Take a walk in Saint Georges de Montaigu

If you are offered a walk in Saint Georges de Montaigu, it is of course because the town is charming. But at the same time and above all because it hosts house of the riverArtistic exhibitions, concert snacks and unmissable starting point around Puy du Fou a short boat trip.

River House
River House © Fabien

Stroll through the French garden of Saint Sulpice le Verdon

Saint Sulpice le Verdon is also a place full of local history. especially thanks Logis de la Chabotterie, a magnificent semi-fortified mansion that houses a museum and is surrounded by a magnificent French garden. If you love forest walks as much as the big men, Charette’s crosswhere the famous general was captured during the Vendée Wars.

La Chabotterie around Puy du Fou
La Chabotterie © I IMAGES

Detail the history of the Vendée at Les Lucs sur Boulogne

If you really want to understand why the Vendée is a separate region, you will have to go back to its history from the very beginning. To do this, there is nothing better than to head for celebrities around Puy du Fou. History of the VendeeLocated in Les Lucs sur Boulogne. From prehistory to modern times, finally put the story in its larger context.

History of the Vendée around Puy du Fou
Sales History © Rimagne / Wikimedia Commons

Attend a performance at the Château de Tiffauges

Sometimes we hear this Bluebeard Castle It was to be established in the Vendée. In fact, its owners as well as its employees are the famous Château de Tiffauges, known for their dynamism and relevance. Shows, animations, exhibitions regularly swing venerable walls. representations we gave it to him. Not to be missed!

Tiffauges Castle
Tiffauges Castle © david-bgn

Admire the beauty of Haras de la Roche-sur-Yon

The city of La Roche-sur-Yon was born out of the will of Napoleon himself. was designed as a modern cityIt is also the guardian temple of the noblest traditions. The frenzied activity that reigns in Haras de la Roche-sur-Yon proves this. You can admire it all year round bravery of elite riders during unique events and shows in their kind. Around Puy du Fou, there is no better place to pursue curiosity!

Stud of La Roche sur Yon
Stud farms of La Roche sur Yon © JC DRAPIER

Explore the trails around the Château des Essarts

The Château des Essarts, like many medieval buildings in the Vendée, is frequented by actors of all kinds. various events throughout the year. But what we love the most here is to enjoy walking on the surrounded nature trails. old stones venerable. An ideal place for a meditative walk!

Essarts castle around Puy du Fou
Essarts castle © Éduarel / Wikimedia commons

Get lost in the maze in the Vendée Valley

You can visit a number of exceptional places around Puy du Fou, but also relax. For this, nothing like being seduced The labyrinth in the Vendée Valley. With a course that changes every yearthis maze corn plants Perfect for enjoying a good slice of fun with your family or friends!

The labyrinth in the Vendée Valley
The labyrinth in the Vendée Valley © labyrinthevendeevallee.com

Cool off at O’Gliss Park

Always for fun but this time also to lower the temperature in summer, water amusement park O’Gliss Park It is an indispensable stopover for families on the go. open since 2017equipped with the latest innovations. what were you looking for pure relaxation or excitementYou will always find what you need at O’Gliss Park!

O'Gliss Park water park
O’Gliss Park water park © oglisspark.fr

Take the Orient Express

Yes, you read that right, it’s possible now take the eastern express Near Puy du Fou. A small clarification though, this does not link Paris to Constantinople. only from here From Mortagne sur Sèvre to Herbaria ! Traveling in the Vendée bocage is already a unique experience. an extraordinary steam train.

Vendee Railway
Vendée Railway © vendeetrain.fr

Walk through the GR de pays Sèvre et Maine

It is always preferable to choose a slow mode of transport to explore an area. Walking is therefore an ideal vector of exploration.. Firstly, as it will allow you to admire the sights at any time and at the same time talk to the local people. we especially recommend Country of Sèvre et Maine GRa furrow that says a lot about the area!

Family walk in GR
Family walk in GR © auremar

Cycle the tracks of the Loire

The wonders around Puy du Fou are as natural as the architecture. To take full advantage of the area, we recommend returning to one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe: Loire. Especially sincecoastline development made it an easy-to-follow waterway by bike!

Cycling along the Loire
Cycling along the Loire © Ourson+

See the beginning of the Vendée Globe

Vendée is a country that skillfully blends tradition and modernity. if you’re around Olonne Sands We strongly advise you to deviate from the road when the start of the most difficult one-handed race is about to begin. it just happens every four years and the contestants are the bravest sailors in the world!

Port of Les Sables d'Olonne around Puy du Fou
Port of Les Sables d’Olonne © Christian Musat

The Vendée is a land steeped in history and residents are responsible for bringing it to life by creating unique events in or around Puy du Fou. preservation of their heritage, especially castles. However, the Vendée is also a sea-facing area and is suitable for camping, especially in summer. If you want mix culture and idleness Undoubtedly the ideal region for your holiday: Here is the proof!

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