12 unmissable visits to the pink granite beach

The unique and wild northern Brittany fascinates travelers with its natural beauty and lovely villages. Want to know more about the most beautiful places on the pink granite beach? Here are 12 things we must have!

Incredible pink hues radiating in broad daylight, Coast from Trébeurden to Perros-Guirec visual poetry. The rocks by the sea give the landscape an extraordinary character. But they are not the only ones that please our eyes as travelers! Cities with character, remarkable ornithological reserves, romantic or gorgeous beaches… your vacation schedule will be fullThere is so much to do on the pink granite beach.

See life pink in Perros-Guirec

Capital of the Côtes-d’Armor departmentThe city is the beating heart of the pink granite beach. Cyclists, hikers, water sports enthusiasts or photographers looking for the perfect shot: you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Many activities offered in Perros-Guirec. Perfect idea to pack your luggage here during your trip to North Brittany, shine and explore the surrounding splendor!

Perros-Guirec in Brittany
Perros-Guirec in Brittany © travelpeter

Marvel at the colors of the rocks in Ploumanac’h

Could it be the most beautiful village in France? In any case, this little seaside resort was chosen in 2015”favorite french village“. The former fishing hamlet has now become a district of Perros-Guirec. Perhaps this is where the chaos of colored stones is most impressive, creating a magical mineral landscape.

Mean Ruz lighthouse to be built on the pink granite beach
Le phare de Mean Ruz © travelpeter

The rocks, patiently hewn by the sea and the wind, take incredible shapes. A rare site with extraordinary natural beauty and many other surprises, for example l’admirable phare de Mean Ruz He looks proud and majestic against the waves.

Admire Coz-Pors beach at low tide

in Tregastel, just west of Ploumanach, One of the most amazing beaches in France. Coz-Pors is a beautiful bay dotted with round rocks in shades of pink. At low tide, the landscape changes dramatically. The retreating sea appears hidden islands with strange shapes. A universe of sand and stones, one of the most beautiful things to see on a pink granite beach!

Coz Pors beach
Coz-Pors beach © aquaphoto

Enjoy a picnic on the beach of Goas Lagorn

Beneath a valley, a wide, pleasant and family-friendly cove, dive into beach games or swimming. The fine sand and beauty of the place attract travelers looking for a place. Picnic area or idleness. Don’t miss the sunset that makes the panorama even more beautiful!

Goas Lagorn beach to be built on pink granite beach
Goas Lagorn Beach © bpmm/Flickr

Walk the customs road

Crossing a landscape of steppes, beaches, small villages and pink rocks, The famous customs trail is an exotic route accessible to all.. You will see the most beautiful natural sights in Brittany! road from the wind From Trestraou beach to Saint-Guirec and 3 hours is enough to cover it. It’s an 8-kilometer hike that will probably make you want to prolong the fun by traversing the entire GR34 for a few days.

Customs road in Brittany
Customs Road © Prod. digital

Dare to enter the Traouïéro valley

Fairy tales and legends are king here. It is organized by the Perros-Guirec tourist office and the Compagnie des Accordeurs de Contes.this original walk takes place at dusk. The glare of the storm lamp casts unreal shadows and radiates an enchanting atmosphere. Perfect for the atmosphere let yourself be told fantastic Breton stories !

Traouïéro valley
Traouïéro Valley © aquaphoto

Observe the birds of the Sept-Îles archipelago

Bird lovers or experts? This group of islands is for you ! Classified as a nature protection area, The Sept-Îles archipelago is home to gannets, cormorants, bird species, and many other birds. And if all that wasn’t enough, take a look! you may be lucky enough to see penguins or seals.

Île-Aux-Moines in the Sept-Îles Archipelago
Île-Aux-Moines in the Sept-Îles Archipelago © Bernard 63

Soak up Lannion’s medieval atmosphere

Peaceful and romantic, it’s charming little town reveal fascinating presences along its streets, cobblestone streets or traditional houses. don’t miss out Not the Brelévenez church ! The building, which dominates the city with its 140 steps, offers a magnificent view of the city. On the pink granite beach to-do list, Lannion is a great vacation stopover. Discover the cultural and artisanal heritage Brittany’s.

The historic city of Lannion
The historic town of Lannion © Boris Stroujko

Wander around the Renote peninsula

Classified as an “extraordinary site”, this peninsula is not far from Perros-Guirec.Between Baie Sainte-Anne and Coz-Pors beach. 1 hour is enough to wander around and enjoy the coves and rocks. A panorama whose face is constantly changing with the tide. At the edge stop for a moment to scan the horizon and see far Ploumanac’h lighthouse.

Renote peninsula to be held on the pink granite beach
Renote peninsula © aquaphoto

Think Costaéres castle

Between the Renote peninsula and Ploumanac’hThere is an island. And on this island Castle ! This neo-Gothic style building is located in the town. Tregastel. Historically, the islet served as a drying rack for sailors who left their fish in the sun. From now on, the castle appears to be floating on water at low tide. Take advantage of low tide to get closer !

Costaérès Castle
Costaérès castle © Johan van Beilen

Observe stingrays at Aquarium Marin De Trégastel

It’s raining and wondering what to do on a pink granite beach? aquarium Tregastel much more than a shelter! is an invitation to discover local marine fauna including rays, anemones or lobsters. you can observe 3 different universes: spray zone, tidal zone and depth zone.

Tregastel aquarium
Trégastel Aquarium © Spendeau / Wikimedia Commons

Go back to the megalithic era in the Ile-Grande

Surrounded by islets, Grande-île is an awe-inspiring place between land and sea. little roads, seductive beaches and delicious local gastronomy. Also found there an amazing prehistoric site : “closed walkway”. This building, built with large stones, was built at the end of the Neolithic period.

Grave on Grande Island
Grave on Grande Island © aquaphoto

Pink Granite Beach must-haves… and then?

The pink granite coast is a jewel of northern Brittany. This region seems to multiply almost endlessly magnificent natural and cultural sites.. Travel a few kilometers to appreciate completely different landscapes of green groves, mythical forests, characterful villages and even wild islands. Degemer with a Breizh : welcome to Brittany !

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