12 Things To Do In Alicante, Spain

What to do in Alicante? Here are the places and activities not to be missed to get a good view of the city under the Spanish sun!

capital of the Costa Blanca, south of spain, Alicante is a human-scale city that captivates travelers with its dreamy beaches, charming streets lined with typical houses, a huge castle and, of course, a walking beach. It is as original a destination as it is great for an accommodation that combines culture and leisure ! Discover the 12 most important things to do in Alicante followed by all our practical advice.

Take a walk in the old town

The historical center, also known as “El Barrio”, The oldest neighborhood in Alicante. This city of narrow streets, charming squares and beautiful buildings with colorful facades is full of charm! the ideal is to disappear to fully appreciate its antique atmosphere. During your travels, you will reveal nuggets: pocket restaurants that are appreciated by the locals, attractive shops or cafes where you can take a break on the terrace.

Alicante streets
Alicante streets © joan_bautista

Wander around the Santa Cruz neighborhood

Located on one of the slopes of Mount Benacantil and dominated by the castle of Santa Barbara, their white houses adorned with bougainvillea and colorful geraniums. Reach its maze of narrow streets and its many stairs Santa Cruz retreat. This region, which dates back to the 13th century, is a favorite meeting point of the local people, especially during various religious holidays.

Santa Cruz area to be held in Alicante
Santa Cruz neighborhood © gpriccardi

Explore the Santa Barbara Castle

Standing 166 meters above sea level, the fort of Santa Barbara seems to watch over the city. An unmissable visit in Alicante, will immerse you in the medieval past while offering you one of the most beautiful views of the bay. It’s imposing 9th century fortress of Arab origin and later it was turned into a castle. You’ll be able to see the richly decorated rooms, inner courtyards and marvel at an array of sensational works!

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante
Santa Barbara Castle © a_medvedkov

Take a boat trip to Tabarca island

Do you want some nature? Tabarca Island has been declared a Mediterranean Marine Reserve thanks to its incredible aquatic biodiversity. because perfect place for a snorkeling trip ! Once you arrive on the island, you can laze on the sands at its picture-postcard-like beaches or take a stroll through the impressive walled city.

Tabarca island to be built in Alicante
Tabarca Island © jaime

Admire the Basilica of Santa Maria

This basilica is undoubtedly the most beautiful religious building in Alicante. Built between the walls of an old Muslim mosque in the 13th centuryIt wonderfully combines the different architectural styles that have graced it over the years: rococo, baroque, renaissance and gothic. A true witness to the history of the city, the visit is absolutely fascinating!

Santa Maria Basilica
Basilica of Santa Maria © Nicolas Viard

Take a stroll on the Esplanade of Spain

It’s sunny and you don’t know what to do in Alicante? Redirect “Explanada de Espana” a moment of rest in the shade of hundreds of palm trees. Opposite the marina and along the promenade, the promenade allows you to admire the incessant ballet of the boats as well as do some shopping before landing on one of the many terraces. Another curiosity: its floor consists of a mosaic of tiles drawing waves of white, red, and black.

Spain Esplanade in Alicante
Spanish Promenade in Alicante © Siur

Fill up on culture in the city’s museums

available in Alicante several leading museums. Contemporary Art Museum (MACA) and the Museum of Fine Arts (IN THE BAG). If you are a history buff, visit the Archaeological Museum (MARQIt received the title of “Best European Museum” in 2004.

Archaeological museum to be held in Alicante
Alicante Archaeological Museum © SoniaBonet – stock.adobe.com

Take to the sky at Ereta Park

This magnificent park surrounds the Santa Barbara castle. Terraces on the slopes of Mount Benacantil, amazing city and sea view. It also includes many places to picnic in the shade with typical Mediterranean vegetation.

View of Alicante from Ereta Park
View of Alicante from Ereta Park © norrie39

Explore the Lucentum archaeological site

These ancient ruins surrounded by modern structures, time travel. Located just 3km from the city centre, this is definitely a must-visit place in Alicante. The fairly well preserved site dates from the Ibero-Roman period. while the name of the town is still Lucentum. Temples, houses, shops, thermal baths… everything is there!

Archeological site to do in Alicante
Lucentum archaeological site © Concepcion AMAT ORTA / wikimedia Commons

Enjoy Alicante nightlife

The activity in the streets of the city, which is considered one of the most dynamic in Spain, reaches its peak after dark. mild climate all year round, enjoy long evenings outdoors. Climb to the terraces of tapas bars or restaurants serving typical paella. And if you want to prolong the pleasure, many pubs and discotheques are waiting for you!

Alicante night
Alicante at night © Kuba Petrymusz

go to the beach

This is one of the most important activities in the city! Undoubtedly the most beautiful and the most completepostiguet, centrally located. In the program: lounging, swimming, tasting local snacks and water sports in private areas. Add to this the palm-fringed beaches of La Albufereta, Saladar and even San Juan. what to pass great moment between two visits !

El Postiguet beach and bridge
El Postiguet beach and bridge © lunamarina

Walk the corridors of the Mercado center

One of the first things to do in Alicante is to go to the market. mingle with the locals to discover this extraordinary place where you will find all fresh produce grown or grown in the area. For lunch, there are several booths that offer on-the-go snacks, cheap eats, and the opportunity to taste everything!

Mercado Central to be held in Alicante
Central Market © Elke Hotzel

Useful information

Finally, here is our information and tips to help you prepare for your stay in Alicante:

  • How to get there? Since Alicante is located in the south of Spain, it is ideal to board a plane, especially since the destination is served by several French airports (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, etc.). For Belgians and cross-border travelers, Brussels Airlines It also offers direct flights to Alicante, very practical to arrive fresh and ready to explore the city!
  • Touch reach the center from the airporttake the C6 bus with the stop upstairs.
  • How long will it be scheduled? In order to take advantage of all the attractions of Alicante, it is necessary to count at least 3 to 4 full days on the site. If you go for a week, you can even visit the surroundings that promise nice surprises.
  • To go? Alicante is pleasant all year round with its Mediterranean climate. However, if you want to swim, the best time is from the beginning of June to the end of September.
  • How to get around To visit all the attractions in Alicante, the best thing to do is to walk. To go even further, you will have the opportunity to choose between bus and tram, whether with a single ticket or a 24-hour card.
  • Touch Where to stay in Alicanteideal is to find accommodation in the central districts: El Barrio or Santa Cruz.

Things to do in Alicante… and beyond?

Does your stay in Alicante make you want to continue the adventure? Take an unforgettable journey through Spain along the Costa Brava in Catalonia or discover Andalusia. One thing is certain, The country will never cease to amaze you! Do you know the places to explore in Spain? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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