12 places to explore 1 hour from Paris by train

Looking for ideas for getaways near Paris? Jump on a train and discover some of the most beautiful places in France!

From the Meuse to Normandy via Picardy, France has many remarkable destinations for a few days’ getaway. by train near Paris. You more than exploring a city, visit remarkable site or escape in nature, you can find ideas for all your requests. To help you choose your next trip, we offer a selection of twelve destinations you can explore within 1 hour by train from Paris!


Attractive Destination 1 hour from Paris by trainThe Lille is the perfect city for a city break. It’s not to be missed, we recommend you browse through it. Old Lille and about the famous big place. The center of Lille, with its authentic red brick houses and pedestrian streets, has incredible charm. We also recommend going to the top of the bell tower of the town hall to soar above the city.

1 hour by train from central Paris to Lille
Center of Lille © M.Etcheverry


This Meuse TGV station It is about 1 hour from Paris by train. From Verdun to the Lorraine Regional Nature Park, you’ll have plenty of options for your stay. Relax by the lake of Madine, explore the towns of Verdun or Bar-le-Duc, explore the amazing Vent des Forêts trail or follow in the footsteps of history in Saint-Mihiel. Whatever your desires, Meuse will surprise you a pleasant weekend away from the crowds.

Notre Dame bridge at Bar-le-Duc on the Meuse
Notre Dame bridge at Bar-le-Duc on the Meuse ©graphlight


Rouen is just over an hour from Paris, but the extra 20 minutes is well worth the detour. with its charm medieval streets and its cathedral, Rouen, is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in France. Painting lovers, you already know. Rouen Cathedral Thanks to the entire series of paintings by Claude Monet. Don’t miss the must-sees during your visit Wholesale Watch.

Rouen's beautiful houses
Beautiful houses of Rouen © Ekaterina Belova


Reims is less than an hour away by train from the capital. In between visiting one of many champagne cellars Discover the beauty of the area and the lofty cathedral, your stay in Reims has a chance to seduce you. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List reims cathedral was the place Coronation of many kings of France and it is truly a part of the country’s history. Reims, with its streets closed to traffic, is a very pleasant city to visit on the weekend.

Reims Cathedral
Reims Cathedral © Sergii Zinko


Located in the Loiret, Orléans is a city easily accessible by train. With its city center and pleasant environment that invites you to visit the shores of the Loire, a privileged place for a getaway away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. During your stay in Orléans, don’t miss out visit cathedral One of the most beautiful in France.

Orleans Cathedral 1 hour by train from Paris
Orleans Cathedral © Pascal Ledard


Between authentic streets Saint-Leu district meat garden gardens arousing curiosity, Amiens is a destination that will allow you to make great discoveries. In Amiens, we recommend taking a walk in the city center or relaxing in the beautiful green areas of the city. Also take the time to visit cathedral together Jules Verne’s house.

Saint-Leu district in Amiens
Saint-Leu district in Amiens © atherrom


Just over an hour from Paris, Tours is a city that offers the ideal setting for a getaway. To visit Tours, we advise you to spend time in the historic center and admire the many things. half-timbered houses. We also recommend Break on the banks of the Loire.

1 hour by train from Paris, the city of Tours
City of Tours © Florence Piot


Another destination idea, we suggest you Follow in the footsteps of Claude Monet in Giverny. for Impressionist weekend in Normandy, stop at Vernon-Ginerny station, where you can take the shuttle to the famous painter’s house. Then explore the museum of the impressionists and go inside. the lofty gardens of the house has inspired many of the artist’s paintings. Let the other weekend ideas in Normandy captivate you.

Monet's garden
Monet’s garden © Julien


In Aube, Troyes is a destination. by train near Paris Whether you want to go sightseeing or shopping, this will seduce you. In the center of Troyes, you will really find traditional half-timbered houses a beautiful and quality life. Troyes is also known for its factory outlets that will let you shop. low cost shopping.

Troyes and its beautiful facades 1 hour by train from Paris
Troyes and its beautiful facades © jasckal


Another destination less than 30 minutes by train from Paris, Chantilly is a quaint little town home to one of France’s most beautiful castles. For a getaway outside the capital, we recommend visiting the Château de Chantilly, with its magnificent interiors and rich art collection. Feel free to take a nice walk. Park and famous taste whipped cream.

Chantilly Castle
Chantilly Castle © Sergey Novikov

Le Mans

With its magnificent historic centre, Le Mans is the perfect destination for an exploration break 1 hour by train from Paris. You can wander around Le Mans in silence. Small streets of the city of PlantagenetTake a walk along the historic heart of the city or the Roman walls. Don’t forget to visit and admire the cathedral medieval architecture.

1 hour by train from Le Mans Paris
Le Mans © Christian Musat


If you like majestic French cathedrals, we finally recommend going in the direction of Chartres, which is 1 hour by train from Paris. you can discover later One of the most beautiful cathedrals in France thousands of sculpted figures and excellent stained glass windows. Know that you can visit to learn more about stained glass art. International Stained Glass Center.

Chartres and its cathedral
Chartres and its cathedral © Radu Razvan

Places to explore 1 hour from Paris by train… and beyond?

Continue your visits around Paris with our ideas for romantic weekends near the capital or to get away from it all over Paris. If you want to continue your journey a little further, do not hesitate to explore our selection of the most beautiful places, most beautiful villages and even extraordinary places in France. Whatever your choices, you must have beautiful places to explore 1 hour by train from Paris or any other part of France!

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