12 must-see visits to Mont Saint-Michel

Want to know what visits to do in Mont Saint-Michel? Here are our tracks!

There are many miracles to visit in France. But none as striking as Mont Saint-Michel. Established between earth, sea and sky, monastery, prison, and place of pilgrimage it is now one of the most popular attractions in France. But where should you visit first when you decide to visit Mont? Here are our trails and 12 essential visits to Mont Saint-Michel!

Visit the Benedictine abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

mountain above all a religious buildingIt was built to the glory of God and designed to house Benedictine monks. As such, climbing the abbey that has housed them for centuries is a top priority visit to Mont Saint-Michel. we especially recommend abbey church and its 150-meter-high summit !
ℹ️ www.abbaye-mont-saint-michel.fr

The interior of the abbey will be held in Mont Saint-Michel
Inside the monastery © hardyuno

Observe the Marvel masterpiece

together in the monastery multiple rooms, cellars and other interesting spaces visit. But if you just don’t have time or need to do it to avoid the crowds, we recommend going. the so-called Marvel building. This magnificent work of Norman Gothic art is perched on the north wing of the Rock and Built on 3 levelsit has a particularly extraordinary portico.

Miracle on Mont Saint-Michel

Admire the high tides of Mont Saint-Michel

In the waters of the English Channel, the tidal range, ie. difference between high tide and low tideis one of the largest in the world. It is therefore particularly impressive to observe the movement of water. high coefficient tides. The most beautiful visits to Mont Saint-Michel are sometimes as simple as gazing at the sea.

View of the bay from the walls
View of the bay from the walls © oceane2508

Cross the bay of Mont Saint-Michel on foot

Mont’s reputation is just as much due to the beauty of its architecture. outstanding geographical location. Sometimes an island inaccessible by land, sometimes connected to the mainland by a road, this place has always oscillated between the pleasure of seclusion at sea and its devotion to people and their sacred lands. And to fully realize this feature, Crossing the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to walk is necessary. On the other hand, given the strong swamps and swamps, we advise you to do this. with a guide who will also be able to provide you with a lot of information on the site.

Reach Mont Saint-Michel on foot
Walk to Mont Saint-Michel © DjiggiBodgi.com

Take the footbridge to Mont

A few days a year the work aimed at restoring the isolated character of the Rock was completed. The pedestrian bridge is thus more respectful to the environment, more aesthetic, but at the same time. marvel even more at the beauty of the building. One of the simplest visits to make in Mont Saint-Michel? Only take the footbridge in good weather, high tides: magic is guaranteed.

Footbridge to be built on Mont Saint-Michel
Footbridge to reach the mountain © Terry

Understand local ecology at the Marine and Ecology Museum

The Marine and Ecology Museum is an ideal location. Understand the threats to Mont Saint-Michel and what motivates the great work being completed now. the bay really a fragile ecosystemIt is constrained by large-scale forces and is home to unparalleled biodiversity. a museum Don’t miss out!

marine and ecology museum
Marine and Ecology Museum © Tylwyth Eldar / Wikimedia Commons

Wander the small streets of Le Rocher

famous little streets drawing the rock One of the must visits in Mont Saint-Michel in its own right. Of course, it is more enjoyable to walk through them when the crowd is not so dense and the sun is out. But even if it’s raining, take time to visit them, it feels best. atmosphere of this unique place.

The streets of Mont Saint-Michel
The narrow streets of Mont Saint-Michel © dhvstockphoto

Visit Tiphaine lodge

If you’re careful, you’ll see a residence called Logis Tiphaine at the top of the main street. Know that it was built on the instructions of celebrities. Knight Du Guesclin for his young wife Tiphaine de Raguenel. You can discover magnificent furniture, an astrology cabinet and even knight armor. One of the most emblematic visits to make in Mont Saint-Michel!

Tiphaine house to be built in Mont Saint-Michel
Le logis Tiphaine © Tylwyth Eldar / Wikimedia Commons

Eating Anne Poulard’s omelet

For some, this is a must. For others, it’s just a commercial trap. In any case, Anne Poulard is a celebrity. And her whipped puffed omelet a true local symbol. It’s up to you to decide whether its relatively high cost is an obstacle to gastronomy exploration!

Anne Poulard at Mont Saint-Michel
Anne Poulard © Pixavril – stock.adobe.com

Check out the sheep walking trails

Visits to Mont Saint-Michel are not limited to the Rock. On the contrary, the bay is an extraordinary natural siteIt offers the opportunity to admire all kinds of living things, especially living things. birds. You can walk, bike or even ride horseback in a unique environment!

Hiking trails to do in Mont Saint-Michel
Hiking trails © Patricia

Fly over the mountain in a microlight

There is nothing better than gaining height to truly realize the beauty of the sheep. And so, l’ULM Arguably the best tool. color palette, movement of water and view of Mont architecture It will be permanently etched in your memory.

? Get on the plane Régis’ ULM !

aerial view of Mont Saint-Michel
Aerial view of Mont Saint-Michel © Ilya Shimanskiy

Fish on foot in the bay

Would you like to make one last visit to Mont Saint-Michel? Take a rake, a bucket and set off towards the shore at low tide. scrape the ground and yours are oysters, razor oysters, oysters and oysters. Shellfish delight awaits you!

Fishing on foot on Mont Saint-Michel
Walking fishing © Sébastien Delaunay

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the symbols of the vitality of tourism in France!

It is also one of the most famous architectural treasures! Architectural masterpiece, technical skill, testimony of the past and extraordinary natural space, Rock is versatile. That’s why visits to Mont Saint-Michel are so many and varied! And from there, it’s the perfect place to start exploring Normandy or Brittany’s must-sees.

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