12 must-see destinations along the Canal du Midi!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, this architectural gem connects Toulouse to the Mediterranean. There are so many miracles to see along the Canal du Midi!

Canal du Midi built in the 17th century and dreamed up by Pierre-Paul Riquet. This road, which was used for transportation of goods in the past, is now used for tourist transportation. Moreover, its originality attracts more and more tourists every year. Here are 12 must-see places along the Canal du Midi!

9 locks of Fonseranes

When we say Canal du Midi, we automatically think of locks. Fonseranes’ locks come one after another, allowing you to take a trip. More than 21 meters drop 300 meters long. do Canal du Midi by boat This is the best way to explore 9 gates and 8 basins. The more athletic can do the trip by bike or even on foot!

Fonseran locks
9 curls of Fonseranes © daniel

Malpas Tunnel

The Malpas tunnel, the only tunnel found along the Canal du Midi, 600 meters long and is located between the locks of Fonseranes and the locks of Bram. It is considered an outstanding construction achievement. A benchmark in hydraulic engineering from 17pearl century. Among other things, it made it possible to avoid the construction of other locks and possible flooding, which is often seen in this part of the region.

Malpas tunnel to see along the Canal du Midi
Malpas Tunnel © Gerald Villena

Medieval city of Carcassonne

If you find yourself on the Canal du Midi, you can’t miss a visit to the famous medieval city of Carcassonne! History lovers can wander among historical monuments, cobbled streets and period houses. 3 km long walls, 52 laps. You can make the visit for free or with a guide, for a guaranteed change of atmosphere, whether during the day or why not in the evening!

city ​​of Carcassonne
City of Carcassonne © apgestoso

Black Mountain

Here Main source of the channel ! Indeed, Pierre-Paul Riquet had the brilliant idea of ​​creating an artificial web. unique in kindIt consists of 2 channels. The Alzeau Water Intake is therefore the only source of the Canal’s supply network. lets him good orderly navigation guaranteed, along the Canal du Midi. You can take advantage of this place to take various nature walks and see magnificent views throughout your journey.

Lake Saint-Ferréol in Montagne Noire
Lake Saint-Ferréol in Montagne Noire © olivierguerinphoto

Somail Bridge

small authentic villageSomail Bridge built along the canal du midi. Time seems to have stopped here. Wander the small cobbled streets lined with charming stone houses and immediately feel yourself a section of the channel where calmness and peace are at the forefront! Be sure to visit the Hat Museum for a pleasant break.

Somail bridge to see along the Canal du Midi
Le pont du Somail © panid360


Ah, who wouldn’t want to take a short break in Castelnaudary and taste it? famous cassoulet ? Therefore, if you are looking for a place to take a break during your unmissable journey along the Canal du Midi, you should choose this place. What magic to admire, in fine weather, different mirrored city iconsdirectly to the waters and create a completely idyllic landscape.

Castelnaudary's river port
The river port of Castelnaudary © olivierguerinphoto

Orb canal bridge in Béziers

Located about 2 km from the Fonseranes locks, the Canal Bridge spans the Orb. he was Designed to facilitate boat navigation and also trying to regulate the very erratic streams of the Orb. made of it 7 beltsThe Canal Bridge dominates Orb for about 12 meters.

Globe Canal Bridge
Globe Canal Bridge © Gerald Villena

round lock of agde

In order to give the boats the opportunity to cruise in 3 different directions, Thau, Agde or Béziers, Agde’s lock was imagined. Round junction shape, 3 doors, Agde lock one real architectural work. Seeing the boats maneuvering at this lock is a spectacle in itself, like ballet in a peaceful and relaxing place.

Agde's round lock to see along the Canal du Midi
Agde’s round lock © jean-louis Zimmermann / Wikimedia Commons

Bonrepos-Riquet Castle

at the heart of a domain 29 hectaresThe Château de Bonrepos-Riquet is a must-see along the Canal du Midi. you can explore there The story of Paul Riquet, creator of the Canal du Midi, also his family. The visit, which includes the park, gardens, orangery, ice house and nymphaeum grotto, takes approximately 2 hours.

Bonrepos-Riquet Castle
Bonrepos-Riquet Castle © Jean DESOBEAU / Wikimedia Commons

Etang de Thau

Etang de Thau is located between Sète and the Canal du Midi. spreads over 7 500 hectares. Rare beauty natural area, count around 3 hours to cross it. related to multiple activities Nature walks on the pond, quad rides, canoeing, etc.

Etang de Thau to be seen along the Canal du Midi
Thau pond © savoieleysse

Cathar city of Minerva

in between most beautiful villages in franceThe Cathar city of Minerve is located in the Hérault department, between the Montagne Noire and the Canal du Midi. This exceptional natural site built in the middle of cliffs and vines. You can visit natural bridges and tunnels dug under several meters of rocks by Cesse. part of these bridges Hérault’s most exceptional geological curiosities !

Minerva village
village of Minerve © eva52

Onglous Point

The Canal du Midi ends its route in Marseille, at Pointe des Onglous. Thau lagoon. The waters of the Canal du Midi then merge with the waters of the pond. To end your journey at Pointe des Onglous, one of the must-see places along the Canal du Midi, little lighthouse The oyster beds adjacent to the pier and its panorama as far as the eye can see… a breathtaking end to your adventure !

Onglous Point
Onglous Point © panod360

Enjoy 240 km of Canal amidst majestic landscapes and a unique sweetness of life!

What beautiful things to see along the Canal du Midi! River cruises are a great way visit your countryanother perspective. Changing the perspective allows you to explore the sights of France differently. What are the most beautiful stages of the Canal du Midi in your opinion?

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