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Are you going on holiday to Barcelona? If the Catalan city has many attractions, it is also interesting to explore its territory.

Barcelona, ​​the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain, cosmopolitan and vibrant city. This region, which has an important artistic heritage and a beautiful architectural richness, attracts great attention of holidaymakers. also interesting to tour Barcelonato discover the rich Catalan cultural and natural heritage.

Explore Sitges, a former fishing village

Sitges is an old fishing village that has retained all its charm. If the city has grown since then, The historic center has retained its charm In the midst of Costa Barcelona’s ultra-concrete beach resorts is what sets it apart. As night falls, Sitges happens One of the most festive places in Spainespecially for the gay community.

Sites around Barcelona
Sitges © christopher

Explore Colònia Güell, a former avant-garde working-class district

If Gaudi left his mark in Barcelona through the Sagrada Familia or Parc Güell, his influence extended beyond the city’s gates. In place Santa Coloma de CervelloColònia Güell is a wonderful proof of this. This is the old working class neighborhood, avant-garde architectural ensembleIncluding the Gaudi cemetery, a legendary site registered with UNESCO.

Gaudi Crypt around Barcelona
La Joy Crypt © ikuday – stock.adobe.com

Observe the modernist jewels of Terrassa

terrace, big industrial city population of about 220,000 does not seem very interesting at first glance. But by continuing your exploration, you will discover a city center that is not without its charms. Specifically marked by trail of modernist architects who built beautiful buildings there, the most famous of which is Masía Freixa. Also take the detour Catalonia Science and Technology MuseumIt is also designed in a modernist style.

Masia Freixa in Terrassa
Freixa Farmhouse in Terrassa © Daniel

Dive into the world of pirates in Castelldefels

Located a few kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​Castelldefels popular beach resort This city is also an impressive city for holidaymakers with its kilometers of fine sand. 10th century castle, once served to protect it from pirate attacks. offers a great family trip around Barcelona. piratesan immersive attraction that allows you to explore the pirate world.

Castelldefels castle around Barcelona
Castelldefels Castle © Leen

Taste local wines at Alella

Allele is one authentic village in the heart of the vineyards. Take time to wander through its historic center before heading out to explore one of the wineries there. Most produce organic wines and offer tours of their cellars. At the end of these you can: taste local wines.

vines of Alella
vines of Alella © hansgeel

Wander the streets of Vilafranca del Penedès

Vilafranca del Penedès is a historic city. in the middle of the Catalan vineyards. You can continue to explore the world of wine with the Wine Culture Museum. We highly recommend you walking around the city while admiring its rich architectural heritage. A lot traditional festivals It is held here throughout the year to celebrate the Catalan culture.

Vilafranca del Penedes village to be built around Barcelona
The village of Vilafranca del Penedes © alzamu79

Visit Montserrat Monastery and Cave

The Benedictine monastery in Montserrat makes for an interesting getaway around Barcelona if you want to get away from the coast. Located in the heart of a mountain with unique shapes, It has an impressive environment.. Benefit from the excursion to visit the Montserrat cave and its surroundings impressive underground galleries.

Montserrat Monastery
Montserrat Monastery © LALSSTOCK

Discover the history of the monastery of Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat, another important monastic complex in the region, is a real Jewel of Catalan Romanesque art. You can explore its history on a 2-hour guided tour. You will finally discover it when you reach the top of the bell tower of this place. A wonderful sight In the Collserola mountain range.

Convent of Sant Cugat around Barcelona
Sant Cugat Monastery © Photojope

Get fresh air at Delta Del Llobregat

Delta Del Llobregat, just 35 kilometers from Barcelona, protected natural area. In the heart of it you can take peaceful walks or go cycling. wetland known for its biodiversity. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity with your family to participate in one of the many activities aimed at raising public awareness of environmental protection.

Le Delta Del Llobregat autour de Barcelona
Llobregat Delta © Michael

Learn the history of metallurgy at the Copper Museum

this museum Offers unparalleled beauty in Europe Cultural tour around Barcelona. Located an hour north of the Catalan capital, the hotel offers metallurgy as well as different uses of copper Throughout the history. The visit ends at a footbridge that crosses the operating factory!

Copper museum around Barcelona
copper museum © lesmasiesdevoltrega.cat

Wander around Blanes, the gateway to the Costa Brava

Costa Brava is well known to laziness lovers. In less than an hour’s drive from Barcelona, ​​you can reach the city of Blanes, located at the southernmost point of this coast. This tourist town offers you great opportunities. a day at the beach. We recommend you climb the castle of the city where you will have a beautiful panorama of the surroundings.

Blanes on the Costa Brava
Blanes south of the Costa Brava © Di Studio

Enjoy the medieval atmosphere of Vic

If you want to explore a medium-sized city around Barcelona, away from mass tourism Take the direction of Vic, who is disrupting life on the coast. This medieval city is structured around the charming Plaça Mayor. If you visit the city in winter, you can attend its medieval fair.

Sacrifice around Barcelona
Vic © mehdi33300

And further…

As you can see, Barcelona is full of people. nice visitshould occupy your holidays well. Whether it’s important visits in Catalonia or ideas for things to do on the Costa Brava, feel free to support these ideas with our other environmental articles. If you have time, get off in Valencia, this city is full of charm!

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